Salvatore Cimmino Swimming For Others In The Congo

Salvatore Cimmino Swimming For Others In The Congo

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO. The ever-positive, always-energetic disabled swimmer Salvatore Cimmino continues on his A nuoto nei mari del globo (Swimming in the Seas of the Globe) project. Salvatore will swim 40K in the Republic of the Congo from Kiumba on Idwji Island to Goma in April.

Salvatore explains his next swim, “The DRC is one of the poorest countries on Earth which I witnessed when I visited the Prosthesis Centre and the Centre of Mental Health in Goma. The lack of the most basic means of survival tragically affects the population: 80% of households cannot afford to send their children to school. Illiteracy is rampant, absolute poverty prevents access to medicine. The situation is even worse for people with disabilities.

Children born with birth defects are abandoned at night. Buildings are without any provision for the disabled

It is in the midst of this situation that Salvatore sees value in his swims, actions and advocacy. He will return to Goma in April, bringing many useful gifts for the children living in the area.

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Steven Munatones