Sam Rayburn High, Pasadena Memorial High Are Cap 2k High School Champions

Sam Rayburn High, Pasadena Memorial High Are Cap 2k High School Champions

Courtesy of Sandy Neilson-Bell, Lady Bird Lake, Austin, Texas.

Under the great big Texas sky, on April 28th, 200 swimmers from ages 12 to 75 years young  braved the unseasonably cool 16°C waters of Lady Bird Lake to swim in the 17th Annual Winning Isn’t Normal Cap 2k Open Water Swim.

38-year-old Adrian Cameron of Austin, Texas won the 2 km swim in 21:43.11 which is the second fastest time for this swim to date.

Coaches Robert Kelly and Darla Kelly went two-for-two when their Sam Rayburn High School boys and their Pasadena Memorial High School girls each took the High School Open Water Championship division.

As well as being one of the only chances to legally swim in Lady Bird Lake, the swim facilitates fundraising for UsTOO for Prostate Cancer support and also for Swimability which helps fund the Colin’s Hope pre-K program that provides swim and water-safety lessons for kids at risk.

2019 Cap 2k Open Water Race Top 10 Overall Results:

1 Adrian Cameron (38) 21:43.11

2 Madeline Riley (17) [first female] 21:59.52

3 Mackenzie Hamlett (18) [second female] 22:45.07

4 Max Thibert (14) 23:05.12

5 Claire Rogillio (16) [third female] 23:10.97

6 Andrew Logsdon (19) 23:23.63

7 Joseph Willman (52) 23:28.76

8 Lilian Jorda (13) [fourth female] 23:44.50

9 Beth Mueller (14) [fifth female] 23:47.76

10 Gertie Kate Adair (12) 23:59.21

Boys Open Water High School Championships Team Results:

1 Sam Rayburn High School 37 points

2 St. Andrew’s Episcopal 19 points

3 Waltrip High School 15 points

4 Smithson Valley High School 13 points

5 Churchill High School 12 points

6 Travis High School 6 points

7 Pasadena High School 2 points

8 Northside 1  point

9 Amarillo High School 0 points

Girls Open Water High School Championships Team Results:

1 Pasadena Memorial High School 25 points

2 Vandegrift High School 15 points

3 Smithson Valley High School 14 points

4 Anderson High School 13 points

5 Westlake High School 12 points

6 Houston Westside High School 11 points

7 Plano East Senior High School 10 points

8 Dripping Springs High School 8 points

9 Waltrip High School 7 points

10 Northside High School 4 points

11 Pasadena High School 1 points

Complete results are available here.  For more information, visit the event website here.

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