Sampanna Shelar Swims Fast For 30 km

Sampanna Shelar Swims Fast For 30 km

Courtesy of Jitendra Khasnis, Huntington Beach, California.

Young Indian swimmer Sampanna Shelar, coached by Jitendra Khasnis, enjoyed a quick 30 km unprecedented swim down the river in 4 hours 47 minutes.

Less than 24 hours after finishing fourth in a local 5 km sea swim at the Gateway of India in Mumbai, he hopped into the Arabian Sea to become the first swimmer to swim across Prawn’s Lighthouse to Vashi Bridge in 4 hours 47 minutes.

There was a large tide and big swell that helped Sampanna swim fast through the salty and muddy water. Flying through the water at a sub-1 minute per 100 meter pace, Coach Khasnis hit the tides just right for the 30 km swim.

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