San Francisco Bay And Aquatic Park Are Hard To Beat

San Francisco Bay And Aquatic Park Are Hard To Beat

When open water swimmers gather around the fireplace and talk about all the great gathering holes around the world, certain locations always come to mind.

Dover, Sandycove, Serpentine, Sydney, Perth, Waikiki Beach, Copacabana Beach, Cancún, Seven Mile Beach, Cape Town.

But from our biased Californian point of view, San Francisco’s Aquatic Park is nearly impossible to beat if only for its 5 S’s: its skyline, its surroundings, its sauna, its safety, and its stimulation.

Skyline: Swimming in and around the bay with its views of the San Francisco buildings, the Golden Gate Bridge off in the distance, the cable cars with tourists, and the anchor island of Alcatraz is a never-ending unique potpourri of fantastic images.

Surroundings: The ambiance of the historic Dolphin Club and South End Rowing Club facilities is classic. You can almost feel the DNA of adventurers and endurance athletes as you walk the hallways, climb the stairs, and gaze over San Francisco Bay.

Sauna: After a cold dip in the San Francisco Bay, especially on a cloudy windy day, there is nothing like the warm comfort of the saunas in the clubs. To sit back and reflect on your swim with your buddies as your bottom is resting comfortably on the warm wood benches of the old-time saunas is about as great a welcome mat as can be imagined.

Safety: Within the confines of the breakwater of Aquatic Park, it feels like the walls serve as protective arms against the tides and marine life that can be found outside. The wild is calmed within the sheltered refuge for open water swimmers.

Stimulation: Temperatures and conditions are relative, but cold is nearly always present in the water and air of San Francisco. A cold, windy day in summer can be nearly as unyielding as the other seasons of the year. It presents a year-round challenge that can help prepare you for nearly every other venue around the world.

Simply super, splendid, superb, sensational, and spectacular.

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Steven Munatones