Sandycove Island Up For Grabs

Sandycove Island Up For Grabs

Swimmers can dream, can’t they? They are celebrities in their own right, no? How great would it be in the iconic Sandycove Island were purchased by a swimmer or a consortium of swimmers?

Among Hollywood stars, Mel Gibson owns Mago Island in Fiji while Robin Williams owns Pender Harbor in the colder realm of British Columbia in Canada. Johnny Depp owns Little Hall’s Pond Cay in the Bahamas, similar to Julie Roberts’ own island also in the Bahamas. Steven Spielberg owns his own paradise island in Portugal while Leonardo DiCaprio owns an island on the other side of the Atlantic off the coast of Belize.

And now the iconic Sandycove Island is up for sale, reportedly at an extreme discount from its last sale according to knowledgeable sources. Will a celebrity swimmer step up to the plate and submit a bid for the island?

Besides its raw beauty of 18 acres, it is one of the world’s greatest gathering points of hard-core channel aspirants, endurance athletes and marathon swimmers and site of the renowned Cork Distance Week led by International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame inductee Ned Denison. The uninhibited island without buildings or infrastructure functions as one large natural turn buoy for those who frequent its cool waters along its 1.6 km loop course.

According to Irish Examiner, the island was last sold in the mid-2000s for more than €1 million.

And now it can be obtained for much less…

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Steven Munatones