Santiago Gutiérrez Swims Across Beagle Channel

Santiago Gutiérrez Swims Across Beagle Channel

Courtesy of Nuala Moore, Beagle Channel, Chile-Argentina.

Santiago Gutiérrez completed a 1.7 km swim between Cabo Peñas (Chile) and Puerto Almanza (Argentina) across the Beagle Channel.

No neoprene. No problem.

After a car accident in 2012, the native from Córdoba, Argentina lost use of his legs. That signaled the beginning – or rather the continuation – of his life as an athlete to serve as an example of what is possible.

Gutiérrez said, “I was inspired to make this crossing from a video of Camilo López.

We ended up being friends. I saw that it was possible to do it, that he was not a high performance athlete so I thought it would be within my reach

He recruited an experienced team and did it in 45 minutes in 7-8°C water. For a full report in Spanish, see here and here.

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