Sarah Ferguson Starts On Her One Ocean Swim

Sarah Ferguson Starts On Her One Ocean Swim

South African adventurer Sarah Ferguson, who pioneered a circumnavigation swim around Easter Island in 2019, started today on a 1,500 km stage swim from her hometown of Durban to Cape Town. Her unprecedented attempt is called One Ocean Swim.

One Ocean Swim is primarily about creating awareness on plastic pollution and changing how our behavior can make a difference. It is also about highlighting the incredible coastline we have and how important it is to protect it now more than ever. I plan on stopping at points along the way and attempting to swim between 4 and 5 hours a day. I will be swimming through marine protected areas and engaging with local communities about various initiatives to save conservation and clean-up our beaches. We also want to highlight what has been done and what is being done to protect our oceans. I hope that through every stroke I am able to inspire others to do their bit and create change,” said Ferguson before she started at the Durban Undersea Club. Her coastal stage swim may take her up to a year.

There are definitely a few concerns. Visibility is a key factor in this swim as well as water temperatures as I get closer to Cape Town. That is something we will tackle day by day. I hope to use the Agulhas Current as much as possible for the start of the swim. I will also make use of the northeast winds to push me and try to use it to my advantage for the duration of the swim.”

To follow Ferguson throughout her year-long journey, you can receive updates on Instagram at @oneoceanswim and on Facebook at One Ocean Swim.

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