Sarah Starts Swimming...131.6 km...

Sarah Starts Swimming…131.6 km…

Courtesy of Sarah Thomas, Lake Powell on the Arizona-Utah border.

Sarah Thomas of Colorado started right on schedule and is swimming 81.8 miles (131.6 km) over the next 50-64 hours in Lake Powell. “The water temperature report was 68°F (20°C). The cold front cooled things off quite a bit,” said Thomas before the start.

Her on-the-water escort team includes:
*Ryan Willis, crew chief
*Andrew Malinak, observer
*Suzie Dods, observer
*Jamie Patrick, pilot and navigator
*Karl Kingery pilot and navigator
*Scott Olson, assistant pilot and navigator
*John Baxter, assistant pilot and navigator
*Becky Powell, crew
*Melody Maxson, crew
*Jack Nuanes, crew
*Alice Barton, crew
*Ken Classen, crew
*Alex Thomas, paramedic/medical support

Sarah Thomas can be followed here online in real time. Over the first 4 hours 18 minutes on the longest swim of her career, Thomas has traversed 12.7 km cruising at a 2.9 kpm pace that, if maintained, would place her at the finish in 45 hours 22 minutes.

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