Sarah Thomas, An Iconic Legend Swimming Among Us

Sarah Thomas, An Iconic Legend Swimming Among Us

Sarah Thomas is an icon. The humble Colorado athlete and breast cancer survivor is a legendary marathon swimmer who is still relatively young in her prolific, unprecedented career.

With the help of CG Sports Company who helps shape the image and voices of Olympic medalists, world champions, renowned professional athletes, Thomas now shares her information and achievements on a rebranded website.

She explains, “CG Sports Company and I have been working together to create a rebranded website, complete with a new logo and some fun merchandise.

From a 6-year-old little girl begging to be on the swim team to the open water marathon swimmer I’ve become, I can’t thank each of you enough for coming on this journey with me. No matter how big or small your part of my story has been, thank you for being there and helping to support me in this amazing adventure.As part of my rebranded and updated website, we have created a new, professional logo.

In the logo, we have taken a drop of water and embedded my English Channel Four Way route into the background.

To me, the water droplet represents the beginning: A single drop of water, a single stroke of swimming, a simple dream. When you combine millions of water droplets, thousands of strokes, and a few big dreams, one drop at a time, you can accomplish huge things. The Four Way track is the representation of a dream realized, literally in this case, but hopefully it also serves as a future reminder to each of us about what is possible when you focus on taking things one stroke at a time.

Of course, the logo is in the color my friends refer to as “Sarah Thomas Green”, a color that I am instinctively drawn to in water, nature, and toenail polish. From small towns in Kansas and Texas, to a walk-on at the University of Connecticut, to the mountains of Colorado, I never imagined the path that my love of swimming would take me, but undoubtedly, the trajectory of my life changed when I set foot in Horsetooth Reservoir for my first 10k race in 2007.

That one swim introduced me to crazy ideas and phenomenal humans who showed me I could dream bigger than I ever imagined, ultimately leading me to epic swims in Lake Powell and Lake Champlain.

And when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017, it was that same community who wrapped their arms around me and held me through some of my hardest moments.

With support from family, friends and swimmers around the world, I went on to complete my English Channel Four Way swim in September 2019, one year after finishing my cancer treatments.”

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