Sarah Thomas' Beamonesque Century Swim

Sarah Thomas’ Beamonesque Century Swim

Swimming Speed in km/hour on Sarah Thomas’ Century Swim over 65 hours of swimming

Courtesy of TRACK.RS, Marathon Swimmers Federation on Lake Champlain.

Technology and the indomitable human spirit of Sarah Thomas have attracted and enabled thousands – perhaps tens of thousands on all the different social networks – of respectful fans and friends to witness online her ultra-marathon swim of 104.6 miles (168.3 km) on the island loop route in Lake Champlain, New York devised by Karl Kingery and crew.

People from around the world were logging into her online tracker [see here] and social media over the last three days, inspired – but not surprised given her track record of success – with her latest exploit,” observed Steven Munatones.

Sarah is one of those Beamonesque once-in-a-generation athletes who not only sets the bar in her sport, but also goes after and achieves goals well beyond what her contemporaries originally thought possible.”

She has been pushing herself further and further, looking to see how far she can swim non-stop. “104.6 miles – 168.3 km of non-stop swimming – is unbelievable for all by a small handful of swimmers. But frankly it is – was – a realistic goal for someone like Thomas. She clearly has the three T’s – tenacity, talent and team – in abundance to keep on pushing barriers and be able to swim the unprecedented, 67 hours 16 minutes 12 seconds. 104 the water.”

Her Century Swim team included observers Evan Morrison and Elaine Howley, husband Ryan Willis, mother Becky, sister Melody, cousin Alex Thomas, kayaker Scott Olson, photographer Ken Classen, pilot Phil White, navigators Andrew Malinak and Craig Lenning, and chief encouragement officer Cathy Delneo, and course coordinator Karl Kingery – who similarly set a standard in caring for, guiding and feeding another one of Thomas’ 24-hour swims.*

Follow her course and swim data here. For updates, results, photos and videos, visit here.

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* Members of the 24-Hour Club are posted here.

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