Sarah Thomas Is Beyond Incredible

Sarah Thomas Is Beyond Incredible

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Sarah Thomas has been swimming in Lake Powell on the Arizona-Utah border for 45 hours 34 minutes (as of this posting), traversing 108.5 km (67.4 miles) through one of the most colorful and scenic lakes in the American West.

She is closing in on swimming non-stop into her third day as she gets closer to her goal of 81.8 miles (131.6 km) with a fairly steady pace. Her pace over the first four hour nearly two days ago was 2.9 km per hour; after 24 hours, it remained at a fast 2.7 km per hour; and as she finishes Day 2, her pace is steady at 2.4 km per hour. If she continues this pace of 2.4 km per hour, she will finish her solo swim in just under 55 hours.

Those last miles – now under 15 – must be excruciating, but word from her crew* on her boat are very positive. Jamie Patrick, one of her escort pilot wrote, ‘There is nothing to say except that Sarah Thomas is beyond incredible.'” While her estimated time of completion was between 50-64 hours of non-stop swimming, she looks to be at the lower end of that scale and will have completed one of the ten longest swims in history.**

Readers can follow the last few hours of Thomas’ unprecedented swim here online in real time.

* Thomas’ on-the-water escort team includes Ryan Willis, Andrew Malinak, Suzie Dods, Jamie Patrick, Karl Kingery, Scott Olson, John Baxter, Becky Powell, Melody Maxson, Jack Nuanes, Alice Barton, Ken Classen, and Alex Thomas.

** 24-Hour Club members listed by length of time in the water.

1. John Sigmund (USA) 292 miles (470 km) down the Mississippi River (Missouri, USA) in 1940 in 89 hours 46 minutes
2. Pedro A Candiotti (Argentina) 281 miles (452 km) downstream in River de la Plata (Argentina) in 1935 in 84 hours 0 minutes
3. Pedro A Candiotti (Argentina) 205 miles (330 km) downstream in River de la Plata (Argentina) in 1943 in 74 hours 30 minutes
4. Charles Zibelman (USA) 288 miles (463 km) downstream in the Hudson River (USA) in 1938 in 74 hours 0 minutes
5. Pedro A Candiotti (Argentina) 211 miles (339 km) downstream in River de la Plata (Argentina) in 1931 in 71 hours 55 minutes
6. Pedro A Candiotti (Argentina) 210 miles (337 km) downstream in River de la Plata (Argentina) in 1930 in 66 hours 15 minutes
7. Vicki Keith (Canada) 49.8 miles (80.2 km, all butterfly) crossing of Lake Ontario (Canada) in 2005 in 63 hours 40 minutes
8. Abdul Latif Abou Heif (Egypt) 285 miles (458 km) downstream in River de la Plata (Argentina) in 1970 in 60 hours 0 minutes
9. Vicki Keith (Canada) 64 miles (103 km) in a two-way crossing of Lake Ontario (Canada) in 1987 in 56 hours 10 minutes
10. Martin Strel (Slovenia) 100 miles (162 km) from Lignano to Ravenna (Italy) in the Adriatic Sea in 1994 in 55 hours 11 minutes

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