Sarah Thomas Talks About Lake Powell And Marathon Swimming on WOWSA Live

Sarah Thomas Talks About Lake Powell And Marathon Swimming on WOWSA Live

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Cancer survivor and one of the most remarkable endurance athletes in the world Sarah Thomas talked about swimming in Lake Powell, Lake Champlain, the English Channel and lakes in Colorado on today’s edition of WOWSA Live.

* Thomas swam 128.7 km in Lake Powell in 56 hours 5 minutes in 2016
* Thomas swam 168.4 km in Lake Champlain in 67 hours 16 minutes in 2017
* Thomas swam 134 km in a 4-way crossing of the English Channel in 54 hours 10 minutes in 2019

The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honor Swimmer talked about:

* her unfailing support from her husband Ryan Willis
* hydration and nutrition during her marathon swims
* differences between swimming in freshwater and saltwater swims
* her regular 12-hour training swims in high-altitude lakes in Colorado
* Mexican American Unity Swim in Lake Powell where Patty Kohlman, Edna Llorens, Nora Toledano, Vito Bialla, Matthew Davie, and Phil Cutti swam 108 nautical miles and set a relay record in 55 hours 20 minutes in 2010 [shown below].

Steven Munatones recalls, “After the Camlough Team swam non-stop 685.5 km in Camlough Lake in northern Ireland for 232 hours 52 minutes over 9 nights and 10 days in 2009 under the leadership of Aoife McCourt-Lynch and Pádraig Mallon, there was a sudden interest around the world in doing massively challenging marathon swimming relays in 2010.

The Mexican American Unity Swim was a 3-man 3-women relay that swam 200 km in Lake Powell, Utah, USA over 55 hours 20 minutes. Just a week earlier, the Ventura Deep Six (om Ball, Kurtis Baron, John Chung, Jim McConica, Jim Neitz and Mike Shaffer) swam 325 km down the California coast from Ventura to La Jolla Cove near San Diego. It took them 101 hours 39 minutes. A few months later, Linda Kaiser, Randy Brown, Michelle Macy, Joel Swartz, Billy Brown and Mike Spalding swam for 47 hours 55 minutes across the 115.8 km Kaieiewaho Channel from Oahu to Kauai.

Those successes kicked off several other marathon relays including the Windermere 12-way Warriors (Liane Llewellyn, Thomas Noblett, Keith Bartolo, Michelle Lefton, Michelle Sharples and Dee Llewellyn) who swam 202.7 km) in 75 hours 32 minutes in 10°C water, the Japan to Taiwan Ocean Swim Challenge (Kazuya Suzuki, Atsushi Suzuki, Masaya Shimizu, Kenta Ishii, Haruki Yamamoto, and Kouhei Yamada who swam 120 km from Yonaguni Island in Japan to Taiwan in over 50 hours, the Marina Martinique Marathon (Ralph West, Brenton Williams, JC van Wyk, Greg Tucker, Russell Tucker and Sanmarie Woithe) swam 350 km in a 3.1 km loop course in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa between 21-25 March 2012, Team FTD (Forrest Nelson, Becky Jackman-Beeler, Mike Mitchell, Kent Nicholas, Emily Evans, and Tina Neill) swam a 195 km 6-way crossing of the Catalina Channel in 61 hours 7 minutes, the Night Train Swimmers (Phil Cutti, David Holscher, Zach Jirkovsky, Luane Rowe, Blair Cannon, and Grace van der Byl) swam 367 km along the California coast swam in 100 hours 28 minutes, and the Cyprus Israel Swim (Udi Erell, Doron Amosi, Ben Enosh, Ori Sela, Oded Rahav, and Luc Chetboun) that swam 380 km from Cyprus to Israel in 123 hours 10 minutes.

Read Sarah Thomas’ blog here.

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