Sarah Thomas's Next Daring Challenge: A Swim Across Hoover Dam’s Lake Mead

Sarah Thomas’s Next Daring Challenge: A Swim Across Hoover Dam’s Lake Mead

Sarah Thomas is about to take on another challenge! After her record-breaking 104.6-mile swim in Lake Champlain in 2017, she made a powerful declaration, “Cancer would never, could never actually beat me,” a statement she validated by becoming the first person to complete a four-way crossing of the English Channel in 54 hours and 10 minutes in 2019.

In February 2021, Thomas visited the Hoover Dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, on the border between the U.S. states of Nevada and Arizona. It was the expansive waters of Lake Mead, not the colossal dam, that caught her imagination and planted the seed for her this next ambitious swim. A year later, a spontaneous dip in Las Vegas Bay solidified her resolve to cross the lake. 2022 brought very severe droughts and concern the swim would never happen. Fortunately, a record-breaking snow season and spring rains raised the water levels by 70 feet. Sarah is set to go across Lake Mead on October 6th, making yet another of her dreams a reality.

Lake Mead at Hoover Dam

Thomas recently shared her excitement on Facebook about her swim stating, “I am so excited to make two super fun announcements today! Nearly 2.5 years ago, I was visiting the Hoover Dam and first laid my eyes on the beauty that is Lake Mead, the largest man-made reservoir in the US. It was love at first sight. I knew, in an instant, deep in my heart, that someday I’d need to swim it.”

Thomas will attempt to swim the length of Lake Mead, a 50-mile journey from South Cove to the Hoover Dam. But she’s not just swimming for the thrill of it; she’s swimming for a cause close to her heart, partnering with Swim Across America, an organization dedicated to raising money for cancer research through swim events. “For a while, I’ve wanted to shift my focus from simply swimming for myself to using my swims for more good,” she shared.

Newsweek captured the essence of her upcoming challenge, stating, “No swimmer has attempted the 50-mile trek that Thomas faces. She will start her swim on October 6 at the South Cove, where the Colorado River enters the reservoir… If Thomas succeeds, it will be another record to add to her list.”

South Cove Launch Ramp

“Sarah will start the swim in South Cove, where her favorite river, the Colorado, enters the lake. She’ll then follow the lake 50 miles until she runs out of water at the Hoover Dam.”

Donate to her cause on the Swim Across America website

Photo credits: Wikimedia Commons and Sarah Thomas Facebook