Friday, April 29, 2022 8:09 AM (GMT-7) - Series standings

2022 was off to a great sunny start with mild headwind 1/2 way into the Saguaro swim. Some debris in the water at the start but swimmers and crew navigated without issue. Steven Munatones and Lura Wilhelm leading the pack on day #1. Day #2 at Canyon was absolutely brutal being the toughest Canyon swim in SCAR history. Horse Mesa dam was drawing water creating a counter current. Apache was a serious challenge with a medium to high headwind.

Type: Swimming – open water
Location: Apache Junction, AZ, United States
Series type: Total time
Series races: 4
Completed races: 4
Racers: 42
Updated: Saturday, April 30, 2022 2:07 PM (GMT-7)
Organized by: Kent Nicholas
Race website: scarswim.com


Series standings

1Steven MunatonesCAmale3:14:03.63:44:26.26:30:34.5
2Lura WilhelmCAfemale3:34:13.44:07:47.17:21:52.5
3Jordan IversonAKfemale3:35:29.74:11:44.97:26:23.5
4Van CornwellCAmale3:45:10.64:00:10.37:31:09.9
5Leslie HamiltonNYfemale3:41:30.64:18:14.37:44:10.7
6Stefan ReinkeHImale3:41:46.84:27:52.07:44:57.5
7Martyn WebsterSwitzerlandmale3:53:34.64:34:15.37:53:21.3
8Martha WoodMAfemale3:54:59.24:39:15.08:08:28.7
9Sydelle HarrisonCAfemale3:51:45.74:33:20.98:22:48.2
10Neil HailstoneCOmale4:02:21.54:59:19.58:19:47.1
11Eric DurbanWAmale4:10:42.65:03:51.78:11:24.9
11Lars DurbanWAmale4:10:42.65:03:51.78:11:24.9
13Sarah RobertsCAfemale4:32:10.85:26:22.29:15:43.7
14Elaine HowleyMAfemale4:57:14.85:42:46.510:26:23.0
15Jane MasonCOfemale4:39:52.16:15:36.010:57:27.1
-William DichtelILmale3:32:34.34:18:21.8-
-Tracy KnightINfemale3:55:24.84:39:50.4-
-Steve SuttonCAmale4:05:29.84:58:46.6-
-Wendy Van De SompeleWAfemale4:20:50.15:32:45.0-
-Lauren ByronNJfemale4:10:42.65:50:00.4-
-Finbarr HeddermanIrelandmale4:38:01.05:29:47.1-
-Jessica WoodNMfemale4:43:45.76:05:19.5-
-Dana PriceAZfemale4:40:43.46:10:50.7-
-Robin HipolitoCAmale5:18:44.86:33:34.7-
-Peter HaydenCAmale4:33:35.5-9:07:12.2
-James SavageCAmale3:38:02.1--
-Jorge CortinaVAmale3:58:10.7--
-Mark SprattINmale4:02:01.8--
-Tricia ElmerWAfemale4:10:42.6--
-Andrew WallaceNJmale4:12:47.8--
-Lauren HasselquistVAfemale4:19:19.5--
-Carol BauerVAfemale4:28:46.9--
-Mark OchsnerINmale4:34:04.2--
-Sidney RussellCAfemale4:46:46.2--
-Brian LanahanSCmale4:50:40.7--
-Erin ChurchillNMfemale5:02:25.7--
-Sarah TaftNYfemale5:09:13.6--
-Michelle SquyerCAfemale5:50:01.2--
-Michael ReillyCAmale5:58:47.0--
-Kyle PolandOHmale--7:57:56.7
-Courtney PaulkVAfemale--9:22:00.5
-Susie PaulAZfemale--9:38:48.5

Saguaro Finish 2022

Good start to 2022 - a blue sunny sky with a mild headwind 1/2 way into the swim. Water was . . . Perfect. Steven Munatones bringing in a strong first finish with a few nipping at his heels. Two thumbs up to Michael Reilly for getting to the finish strong. Nice warm up start for an above-average group of open water studs.
PlaceBibNameCountryCategoryAgeGenderTimeDifference% Back% Winning% Average% Median
144Steven MunatonesCAMale 50-5959Male3:14:03.6--100%25.27%22.60%
251William DichtelILMale 40-4943Male3:32:34.3+18:30.7+9.54%91.29%18.14%15.21%
325Lura WilhelmCAFemale 40-4940Female3:34:13.4+20:09.8+10.39%90.59%17.50%14.55%
419Jordan IversonAKFemale 20-2929Female3:35:29.7+21:26.1+11.05%90.05%17.01%14.05%
516James SavageCAMale 15-2015Male3:38:02.1+23:58.5+12.35%89.00%16.04%13.03%
624Leslie HamiltonNYFemale 20-2929Female3:41:30.6+27:27.0+14.15%87.61%14.70%11.65%
742Stefan ReinkeHIMale 60-6963Male3:41:46.8+27:43.2+14.28%87.50%14.59%11.54%
849Van CornwellCAMale 50-5951Male3:45:10.6+31:07.0+16.03%86.18%13.29%10.18%
945Sydelle HarrisonCAFemale 20-2927Female3:51:45.7+37:42.1+19.43%83.73%10.75%7.56%
1030Martyn WebsterSwitzerlandMale 50-5955Male3:53:34.6+39:31.0+20.36%83.08%10.05%6.83%
1129Martha WoodMAFemale 50-5959Female3:54:59.2+40:55.6+21.09%82.58%9.51%6.27%
1246Tracy KnightINFemale 40-4949Female3:55:24.8+41:21.2+21.31%82.43%9.34%6.10%
1320Jorge CortinaVAMale 60-6963Male3:58:10.7+44:07.1+22.73%81.48%8.28%5.00%
1427Mark SprattINMale 60-6966Male4:02:01.8+47:58.2+24.72%80.18%6.80%3.46%
1536Neil HailstoneCOMale 50-5950Male4:02:21.5+48:17.9+24.89%80.07%6.67%3.33%
1643Steve SuttonCAMale 50-5955Male4:05:29.8+51:26.2+26.51%79.05%5.46%2.08%
1711Eric DurbanWAMale 60-6966Male4:10:42.6+56:39.0+29.19%77.40%3.45%0.00%
1822Lauren ByronNJFemale 40-4946Female4:10:42.6+56:39.0+29.19%77.40%3.45%0.00%
1947Tricia ElmerWAFemale 60-6961Female4:10:42.6+56:39.0+29.19%77.40%3.45%0.00%
2021Lars DurbanWAMale 60-6964Male4:10:42.6+56:39.0+29.19%77.40%3.45%0.00%
211Andrew WallaceNJMale 50-5956Male4:12:47.8+58:44.2+30.27%76.77%2.65%-0.83%
2223Lauren HasselquistVAFemale 60-6964Female4:19:19.5+1:05:15.9+33.63%74.83%0.13%-3.44%
2350Wendy Van De SompeleWAFemale 50-5956Female4:20:50.1+1:06:46.5+34.41%74.40%-0.45%-4.04%
246Carol BauerVAFemale 60-6961Female4:28:46.9+1:14:43.3+38.50%72.20%-3.51%-7.21%
2539Sarah RobertsCAFemale 30-3938Female4:32:10.8+1:18:07.2+40.26%71.30%-4.82%-8.56%
2637Peter HaydenCAMale 60-6964Male4:33:35.5+1:19:31.9+40.98%70.93%-5.36%-9.13%
2726Mark OchsnerINMale 50-5953Male4:34:04.2+1:20:00.6+41.23%70.81%-5.54%-9.32%
2814Finbarr HeddermanIrelandMale 30-3936Male4:38:01.0+1:23:57.4+43.26%69.80%-7.06%-10.89%
2917Jane MasonCOFemale 50-5954Female4:39:52.1+1:25:48.5+44.22%69.34%-7.78%-11.63%
309Dana PriceAZFemale 50-5950Female4:40:43.4+1:26:39.8+44.66%69.13%-8.11%-11.97%
3118Jessica WoodNMFemale 30-3936Female4:43:45.7+1:29:42.1+46.22%68.39%-9.28%-13.18%
3241Sidney RussellCAFemale 30-3934Female4:46:46.2+1:32:42.6+47.77%67.67%-10.43%-14.38%
335Brian LanahanSCMale 40-4946Male4:50:40.7+1:36:37.1+49.79%66.76%-11.94%-15.94%
3410Elaine HowleyMAFemale 40-4944Female4:57:14.8+1:43:11.2+53.17%65.29%-14.47%-18.56%
3512Erin ChurchillNMFemale 40-4941Female5:02:25.7+1:48:22.1+55.84%64.17%-16.46%-20.63%
3640Sarah TaftNYFemale 50-5951Female5:09:13.6+1:55:10.0+59.35%62.76%-19.08%-23.34%
3738Robin HipolitoCAMale 30-3932Male5:18:44.8+2:04:41.2+64.25%60.88%-22.75%-27.14%
3833Michelle SquyerCAFemale 50-5954Female5:50:01.2+2:35:57.6+80.37%55.44%-34.79%-39.61%
3931Michael ReillyCAMale 40-4940Male5:58:47.0+2:44:43.4+84.88%54.09%-38.17%-43.11%
-2Barry O'ConnorIrelandMale 50-5958MaleDNF-----
-7Cathy HarringtonCAFemale 60-6965FemaleDNF-----
-15Gina HardenFlFemale 60-6962FemaleDNF-----
-28Marnie WhitleyAZFemale 50-5953FemaleDNF-----

Canyon Finish 2022

Thursday, April 28, 2022 9:54 AM (GMT-7) - Final results
Difficult start with Horse Mesa Dam drawing water and creating a difficult counter current that swimmers had to battle.
PlaceBibNameCountryCategoryAgeGenderTimeDifference% Back% Winning% Average% Median
144Steven MunatonesCAMale 50-5959Male3:44:26.2--100%25.68%24.95%
249Van CornwellCAMale 50-5951Male4:00:10.3+15:44.1+7.01%93.45%20.47%19.69%
325Lura WilhelmCAFemale 40-4940Female4:07:47.1+23:20.9+10.40%90.58%17.95%17.14%
419Jordan IversonAKFemale 20-2929Female4:11:44.9+27:18.7+12.17%89.15%16.64%15.82%
524Leslie HamiltonNYFemale 20-2929Female4:18:14.3+33:48.1+15.06%86.91%14.49%13.65%
651William DichtelILMale 40-4943Male4:18:21.8+33:55.6+15.12%86.87%14.45%13.61%
742Stefan ReinkeHIMale 60-6963Male4:27:52.0+43:25.8+19.35%83.79%11.30%10.43%
845Sydelle HarrisonCAFemale 20-2927Female4:33:20.9+48:54.7+21.79%82.11%9.49%8.59%
930Martyn WebsterSwitzerlandMale 50-5955Male4:34:15.3+49:49.1+22.20%81.84%9.19%8.29%
1029Martha WoodMAFemale 50-5959Female4:39:15.0+54:48.8+24.42%80.37%7.54%6.62%
1146Tracy KnightINFemale 40-4949Female4:39:50.4+55:24.2+24.69%80.20%7.34%6.42%
1243Steve SuttonCAMale 50-5955Male4:58:46.6+1:14:20.4+33.12%75.12%1.07%0.09%
1336Neil HailstoneCOMale 50-5950Male4:59:19.5+1:14:53.3+33.37%74.98%0.89%-0.09%
1421Lars DurbanWAMale 60-6964Male5:03:51.7+1:19:25.5+35.39%73.86%-0.61%-1.61%
1411Eric DurbanWAMale 60-6966Male5:03:51.7+1:19:25.5+35.39%73.86%-0.61%-1.61%
1639Sarah RobertsCAFemale 30-3938Female5:26:22.2+1:41:56.0+45.42%68.77%-8.07%-9.14%
1714Finbarr HeddermanIrelandMale 30-3936Male5:29:47.1+1:45:20.9+46.94%68.06%-9.20%-10.28%
1850Wendy Van De SompeleWAFemale 50-5956Female5:32:45.0+1:48:18.8+48.26%67.45%-10.18%-11.27%
1910Elaine HowleyMAFemale 40-4944Female5:42:46.5+1:58:20.3+52.73%65.48%-13.50%-14.62%
2022Lauren ByronNJFemale 40-4946Female5:50:00.4+2:05:34.2+55.95%64.12%-15.89%-17.04%
2118Jessica WoodNMFemale 30-3936Female6:05:19.5+2:20:53.3+62.77%61.43%-20.97%-22.16%
229Dana PriceAZFemale 50-5950Female6:10:50.7+2:26:24.5+65.23%60.52%-22.79%-24.01%
2317Jane MasonCOFemale 50-5954Female6:15:36.0+2:31:09.8+67.35%59.75%-24.37%-25.60%
2438Robin HipolitoCAFemale 30-3932Male6:33:34.7+2:49:08.5+75.36%57.02%-30.32%-31.61%
-1Andrew WallaceNJMale 50-5956MaleDNF-----
-2Barry O'ConnorIrelandMale 50-5958MaleDNF-----
-5Brian LanahanSCMale 40-4946MaleDNF-----
-6Carol BauerVAFemale 60-6961FemaleDNF-----
-7Cathy HarringtonCAFemale 60-6965FemaleDNF-----
-12Erin ChurchillNMFemale 40-4941FemaleDNF-----
-15Gina HardenFlFemale 60-6962FemaleDNF-----
-16James SavageCAMale 15-2015MaleDNF-----
-20Jorge CortinaVAMale 60-6963MaleDNF-----
-23Lauren HasselquistVAFemale 60-6964FemaleDNF-----
-26Mark OchsnerINMale 50-5953MaleDNF-----
-27Mark SprattINMale 60-6966MaleDNF-----
-28Marnie WhitleyAZFemale 50-5953FemaleDNF-----
-33Michelle SquyerCAFemale 50-5954FemaleDNF-----
-34Mike HealeyORMale 60-6969MaleDNF-----
-35Molly NanceNEFemale 50-5956FemaleDNF-----
-37Peter HaydenCAMale 60-6964MaleDNF-----
-40Sarah TaftNYFemale 50-5951FemaleDNF-----
-41Sidney RussellCAFemale 30-3934FemaleDNF-----
-47Tricia ElmerWAFemale 60-6961FemaleDNF-----
-101Brad LundbladAZMale 50-5953MaleDNF-----
-31Michael ReillyCAMale 40-4940MaleDNS-----

Apache Finish 2022

Friday, April 29, 2022 8:09 AM (GMT-7) - Final results
Apache proved to be moderately temperamental with a medium to heavy headwind after two and a half hours into the swim. For the finish, the wind died down a bit allowing swimmers to view some of the most beautiful country from the water.
PlaceBibNameCountryCategoryAgeGenderTimeDifference% Back% Winning% Average% Median
144Steven MunatonesCAMale 50-5959Male6:30:34.5--100%22.79%20.52%
225Lura WilhelmCAFemale 40-4940Female7:21:52.5+51:18.0+13.13%88.39%12.65%10.08%
319Jordan IversonAKFemale 20-2929Female7:26:23.5+55:49.0+14.29%87.50%11.76%9.16%
449Van CornwellCAMale 50-5951Male7:31:09.9+1:00:35.4+15.51%86.57%10.82%8.19%
524Leslie HamiltonNYFemale 20-2929Female7:44:10.7+1:13:36.2+18.84%84.14%8.25%5.54%
642Stefan ReinkeHIMale 60-6963Male7:44:57.5+1:14:23.0+19.04%84.00%8.09%5.38%
730Martyn WebsterSwitzerlandMale 50-5955Male7:53:21.3+1:22:46.8+21.19%82.51%6.43%3.68%
8104Kyle PolandOHMale 40-4941Male7:57:56.7+1:27:22.2+22.37%81.72%5.52%2.74%
929Martha WoodMAFemale 50-5959Female8:08:28.7+1:37:54.2+25.07%79.96%3.44%0.60%
1011Eric DurbanWAMale 60-6966Male8:11:24.9+1:40:50.4+25.82%79.48%2.86%0.00%
1021Lars DurbanWAMale 60-6964Male8:11:24.9+1:40:50.4+25.82%79.48%2.86%0.00%
1236Neil HailstoneCOMale 50-5950Male8:19:47.1+1:49:12.6+27.96%78.15%1.21%-1.70%
1345Sydelle HarrisonCAFemale 20-2927Female8:22:48.2+1:52:13.7+28.73%77.68%0.61%-2.32%
1437Peter HaydenCAMale 60-6964Male9:07:12.2+2:36:37.7+40.10%71.38%-8.17%-11.35%
1539Sarah RobertsCAFemale 30-3938Female9:15:43.7+2:45:09.2+42.28%70.28%-9.85%-13.09%
168Courtney PaulkVAFemale 50-5952Female9:22:00.5+2:51:26.0+43.89%69.50%-11.09%-14.37%
17102Susie PaulAZFemale 40-4949Female9:38:48.5+3:08:14.0+48.19%67.48%-14.41%-17.78%
1810Elaine HowleyMAFemale 40-4944Female10:26:23.0+3:55:48.5+60.37%62.35%-23.82%-27.47%
1917Jane MasonCOFemale 50-5954Female10:57:27.1+4:26:52.6+68.33%59.41%-29.96%-33.79%
-1Andrew WallaceNJMale 50-5956MaleDNF-----
-2Barry O'ConnorIrelandMale 50-5958MaleDNF-----
-5Brian LanahanSCMale 40-4946MaleDNF-----
-6Carol BauerVAFemale 60-6961FemaleDNF-----
-7Cathy HarringtonCAFemale 60-6965FemaleDNF-----
-9Dana PriceAZFemale 50-5950FemaleDNF-----
-14Finbarr HeddermanIrelandMale 30-3936MaleDNF-----
-15Gina HardenFlFemale 60-6962FemaleDNF-----
-16James SavageCAMale 15-2015MaleDNF-----
-22Lauren ByronNJFemale 40-4946FemaleDNF-----
-26Mark OchsnerINMale 50-5953MaleDNF-----
-27Mark SprattINMale 60-6966MaleDNF-----
-28Marnie WhitleyAZFemale 50-5953FemaleDNF-----
-33Michelle SquyerCAFemale 50-5954FemaleDNF-----
-35Molly NanceNEFemale 50-5956FemaleDNF-----
-38Robin HipolitoCAMale 30-3932FemaleDNF-----
-43Steve SuttonCAMale 50-5955MaleDNF-----
-46Tracy KnightINFemale 40-4949FemaleDNF-----
-47Tricia ElmerWAFemale 60-6961FemaleDNF-----
-50Wendy Van De SompeleWAFemale 50-5956FemaleDNF-----
-51William DichtelILMale 40-4943MaleDNF-----
-103Eric SchallPAMale 60-6961MaleDNF-----
-34Mike HealeyORMale 60-6969MaleDNS-----



S.C.A.R Swim series

A well established stepping stone to completing channel swims around the world starting with the English Channel, Catalina Channel, or around Manhattan Island.  SCAR is for experienced swimmers and crew wanting to push their boundaries – day after day.  It can be sunny and calm or very cold and windy.   It’s why we call it a challenge – because it’s challenging for both the swimmer and their crew.    You never know what mother nature will throw at you.   It’s not the environment for prima donnas – they don’t fare well.   The people you meet are from around the world and the friendships last long after the swims are completed.  After finishing, SCAR you’re ready for any open water challenge.

Saguaro Lake: Considered the warm-up swim and a great way to shake the SCAR jitters.  The first reservoir is Saguaro Lake, a 9.5-mile (15.2 km) swim at 1529-feet (466m) elevation,  and is rimmed with canyon walls.  The first part of the swim is essentially boat free due to speed limits in the narrow canyon at the start.  The lake is home to large-mouth bass weighing 12 pounds, small-mouth bass, rainbow trout, walleye, black crappie, tilapia, yellow perch, and carp weighing as much as 30 pounds. It is within the Superstition Wilderness of the Tonto National Forest. It was formed by the Stewart Mountain Dam, a concrete thin-arch dam located 41 miles northeast of Phoenix, Arizona. The dam is 1,260 feet (380 m) long, 208 feet (63 m) high, and was built between 1928-30. It was named after a ranch that used to be located nearby known as the Old Stewart Ranch. The swim begins at the east end of Saguaro Lake – the base of Mormon Flat Dam below the Mormon Flat Heliport – just past the “DANGER KEEP OUT” sign.  The swim ends at the buoy line guarding the Stewart Mountain Dam.

Canyon Lake: The beauty of this swim is what brings people back year after year to SCAR.   The boat ride to the start, which can be chilly, is an excellent time to see the swim course and the wildlife that frequents these narrow canyons.  Canyon Lake’s elevation at 1,660 feet (505m), was formed by the Mormon Flat Dam. Despite the natural beauty of the swim, it trains swimmers to rely on their crew/paddler to guide them.   All the twists and curves following the old Salt River are disorienting.   The dam is 380 feet long, 224 feet high and was built between 1923-25. The dam is named after nearby Mormon Flat, a place where settlers from Utah stopped to camp. Canyon Lake, with a surface area of 950 acres (380 ha), is the smallest of four lakes created along the Salt River. It is within the Superstition Wilderness of Tonto National Forest and is a popular recreation area. Fish populating the lake include rainbow trout, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, yellow bass, crappie, sunfish, catfish, and walleye. Wildlife in the area includes bighorn sheep, deer, and javelina that roam freely in this area of the national forest. The swim begins at the buoy line below Horse Mesa dam, notoriously the coldest start of SCAR, and ends 9 miles (14.4 km) at the buoy line protecting the Mormon Flat Dam.

Apache Lake: Swimmers consider Apache the “main set” of SCAR.  This is the big enchilada – the one you travel to Arizona to swim — the swim that confirms you’re an open water swimmer.   Apache is beautifully isolated as you will see from the white knuckle drive into the canyon.   Surviving the single lane dirt road into Apache is considered an achievement.   The isolation means very low boat traffic but don’t let the initial serenity and calm water fool you.   If the wind kicks up – and it will – welcome to Cape Horn Arizona.  Apache Lake was formed by Horse Mesa Dam which was completed in 1927. The second largest of the four Salt River Project reservoirs (Theodore Roosevelt Lake is the largest when at capacity) and by far the most difficult swim if the wind picks up. The swim begins at the eastern end of the lake at the buoy line below Roosevelt dam and continues for approximately 17 miles (27.3 km) to the Horse Mesa Dam. The lake separates the Four Peaks Wilderness from the Superstition Wilderness and is considered fairly remote (dirt road access via the historic Apache Trail). The picturesque canyon is framed by the Mazatzal Mountains and the Superstition Mountains. The Horse Mesa Dam, a concrete thin-arch dam, is 660 feet (200 m) long, 300 feet (91 m) high and was built between 1924-27.   The last 7 miles of this swim is visually stunning and breathtaking if you have any breath left to take.   The swim route at Apache Lake in 2021 may be altered due to potential issues with the resort, roads and accessibility.

Roosevelt Lake: The last reservoir in the Arizona S.C.A.R. Swim Challenge is Roosevelt Lake with arguably the most spectacular nighttime open water finish in the United States.  Unlike the previous swims, this lake has only one dam so to make it interesting, there is a 10 km night swim that begins at a very small boat dock approximately 5 miles east of the marina and finishes under the stars and moon at the Roosevelt Dam. This swim can be very calm or choppy and windy.  Both the reservoir and the masonry dam that created it, Roosevelt Dam, was named for U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt who dedicated the dam himself in March 1911, one year prior to Arizona being recognized as the 48th state in the union. The lake is home to a variety of game fish including crappie, carp, Sunfish, flathead, channel catfish, smallmouth bass and largemouth bass.