SCAR Swim - T Minus 1

SCAR Swim – T Minus 1

With less than 24 hours to go until the start of the SCAR Swim, the 61 participants are all down resting and getting prepared in the Mesa/Phoenix area of Arizona.

Today in Lake Saguaro, Patty Hermann hosts her rookie camp for first-time swimmers in the 4-day stage swim in the Sonoran Desert.  Hermann is a SCAR veteran and experienced marathon swimmer. The personable Texan mentors the rookies on this challenge – sharing information from pacing and hydration to logistics and strategy.

Patty really helps a newcomer feel comfortable and confident that they can do this swim,” says Steven Munatones.  “She so freely shares all her experiences and know-how with others.  She is really the epitome of how open water swimmers help each other in so many ways: physiological, psychological, and logistical.”

The swimmers have to pack all kinds of equipment including dry bags, goggles, swim caps, ear plugs, their own particular hydration and feeding choices, GoPro cameras, smartphones, sunscreen, Desitin, lanolin, various skin ointments, towels, anti-fogging solutions, maps, water bottles, flasks, ropes, carabiners, mesh bags, medicines, baggies, rubber gloves, whistles, radios, waterproof cases, coolers, gel packs, parkas, flip flops, and lucky charms.

Munatones admitted, “I am a rookie and have not done a marathon swim in nearly 30 years, but there are 3 different bits and pieces that I use that I trust will help me succeed: algae, sea water electrolytes, and KAATSU.

The organically grown spirulina algae tablets are from ENERGYbits.  I find the spirulina algae tablets provides fuel and reduces hunger pang.  They are high-protein and nutrient-dense.

The Quinton hypertonic supplements come in glass vials and contain seawater processed according to protocol developed by René Quinton in 1897.  The French biologist called his product that is shipped from France “a veritable living aquarium” and has all the minerals that need to be replaced during these long swims.

KAATSU is proprietary equipment that our team developed based on the principles discovered by Dr. Sato in Japan in 1966.  Before and after each swim, I perform at least 30 minutes of KAATSU with our KAATSU C3 device.  The product includes pneumatic bands placed on my arms or legs that repeatedly inflate and deflate.  This conveniently and effectively helps my body’s vascular tissue to become more elastic before the swim and helps remove waste products from the muscles after the swim.

For more information on ENERGYbits, visit

For more information about Quinton, visit here.

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Race visionary and event director Kent Nicholas very kindly and professionally provides a comprehensive list of recommendations and logistical information for the participants and their crew. The 4-day, 4-stage point-to-point swim in 4 reservoirs (Saguaro Lake, Canyon Lake, Apache Lake, Roosevelt Lake) in the Arizona desert can be complicated – and subject to sudden weather disruptions – like wind, lightning, turbulent surface chop.

But the weather looks to be good for the remainder of the week. There are three heats of swimmers on each day with the fastest swimmers starting in the third heat.

Saguaro Lake – Heat One Swimmers on April 27th:

Saguaro Lake – Heat Two Swimmers on April 27th:

  1. Andrew Wallace (56 from New Jersey): marathon swimmer, channel swimmer, winter swimmer
  2. Brian Lanahan (46 from South Carolina): marathon swimmer, circumnavigation swimmer, triathlete
  3. Carol Bauer (61 from Virginia): competitive swimmer
  4. Dana Price (50 from Arizona): channel swimmer
  5. Eric Durban (66 from Washington): channel swimmer
  6. Jessica Wood (29 from Texas): marathon swimmer
  7. Lars Durban (64 from Washington): channel swimmer
  8. Lauren Byron (46 from New Jersey): marathon swimmer
  9. Mark Spratt (66 from Indiana): marathon swimmer, channel swimmer, SCAR veteran
  10. Michael Reilly (40 from California): marathon swimmer
  11. Sidney Russell (34 from California): channel swimmer
  12. Steve Sutton (56 from California): channel swimmer, SCAR veteran
  13. Steven Munatones (59 from California): blogger
  14. Troy Dega (39 from Wisconsin): coach and trainer
  15. Van Cornwell (51 from California): Channel swimmer, stage swimmer
  16. Wendy van de Sompele (56 from Washington): Pioneer swimmer, SCAR veteran

Saguaro Lake – Heat Three Swimmers on April 27th:

  • Bill Shipp (62 from Maryland): Triple Crowner, marathon swimmer, pioneer swimmer
  • Blaik Ogle (42 from Tennessee): event director, open water swimming pod organizer, SCAR veteran
  • James Savage (15 from California): Lake Tahoe Triple Crowner, marathon swimmer, Honorary ESPY Award recipient
  • Jorge Cortina (63 from Virginia): masters swimmer
  • Leslie Hamilton (29 from New York): marathon swimmer, circumnavigation swimmer
  • Martyn Webster (56 from Switzerland): Triple Crowner
  • Michael Rice (37 from Colorado): defending SCAR champion, SCAR male record holder, collegiate swimmer
  • Molly Nance (56 from Nebraska): Marathon swimmer, channel swimmer, SCAR veteran
  • Stefan Reinke (63 from Hawaii): channel swimmer, SCAR veteran
  • Sydelle Harrison (27 from California): South End Rowing Club member
  • Tracy Knight (49 from from Indiana): marathon swimmer
  • William Dichtel (43 from Illinois): USMS All American swimmer

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