The Scenes And Story Of The Ventura Deep Six

The Scenes And Story Of The Ventura Deep Six

The scenes, sounds and back stories of the Ventura Deep Six Relay will be captured on film by award-winning director Scott Stankey.

Scott produced, editted and wrote the movie Flow: FLOW, the true story of a surfing revolution, a wonderfully engaging surf film that was awarded Best Documentary at the X-Dance Film Festival in the US.

Scott will create a similarly engaging documentary on the six audacious swimmers who dream of, train for and sacrifice their way down the California coast, swimming 202 miles (385K) from Santa Barbara to San Diego, California. The story will show how these courageous masters swimmers face the sheer physical challenge of spending more than three days in the rough, cold, unpredictable Pacific. The tremendous amount of logistics and personal sacrifices made are part of the adventure against the elements as is the strong psychological mindset that each man must have for their collective success.

The documentary will be available for retail and distribution in Spring 2011.

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Steven Munatones