Scott Coleman Just Keeps On Swimming

Scott Coleman Just Keeps On Swimming

With the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming under his belt, Scott Coleman is tied for 3rd on the All-Time Oceans Seven quest.

He now stands shoulder-to-shoulder with marathon swimming stalwarts such as James Pittar, Kevin Murphy, Forrest Nelson, Bula Chowdhury Chakraborty, Tom Hecker and Pieter Christian Jongeneel Anderica.

Scott has traveled the world accomplishing his marathon swimming career goals: the England, the Catalina Channel, the Cook Strait, the Strait of Gibraltar, the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, the Tampa Bay Marathon Swim and the Swim Around Key West in water temperatures ranging from 55-85°F (13-29°C).

Back in 1996, Scott became the first male diabetic to successfully swim across the English Channel. As a resident of warm Florida, doing cold-water swims in different parts of the world is always a challenge. “The cold is endless. It is all consuming. Your hands begin to bow. You lose feeling in one arm. Things are glowing in the water. Is this the beginning of hypothermia? ‘I’ve had it,’ you say after spending eight hours in the cold water. “Keep swimming you bastard,” yells your boat captain as he drives the boat away. You keep swimming.”

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