Scott Imaye Getting Addicted To Open Water Swimming

Scott Imaye Getting Addicted To Open Water Swimming

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

380 swimmers participated in the 31st edition of the Shonan Open Water Swimming (湘南オープンウォータースイミング”>湘南オープンウォータースイミング) event. The popular event includes a 10 km marathon swim from Zushi to Enoshima, a 2.5 km open water swim in Zushi Bay, a 2.5 km fin swim in Zushi Bay (mono fin and bifin), and two separate 800m swims, one in Enoshima and one in Zushi Bay.

Well-organized, prompt and safe as Japanese events are well-known for, the event organizers did well enough to pick up over 25% of the athletes in the Pacific Ocean.

Scott Imaye was one of the swimmers who braved the oncoming currents while enjoying the challenge. “The water temps were between 19-21°C. It was cloudy with no jellyfish, but unfortunately we swam against the current. Over 100 people did not finish.

I started with about 380 others, but there were no real battles. Swimmers might be nicer than triathletes. It was chilly for 30 seconds. Unfortunately, I lost my breakfast at about 2 km but I made the cut-off limit at the 5 km mark. I started realizing that the kilometer markers were not coming as fast between 4-8, then I understood. The current [was against us], wonderful. Nothing could be helped other than swimming on – but I kept looking back for the dreaded DNF boat – which luckily never came. Anyway, I sucked it up for the last 1 km and went all in. I now might be addicted to ultra-swimming

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