Scott Tapley Takes The Unexpected In Stride

Scott Tapley Takes The Unexpected In Stride

Photos courtesy of Ashley Tapley and reporting courtesy of Kimberly Rutherford.

Scott Tapley is an ice swimmer and channel swimmer from Rio Del Mar, Aptos, California. He belongs to the Half Century Club twice over with an Anacapa Channel crossing in 2013 and a Catalina Channel crossing completed last week.

His fellow ice swimmer and coach Kimberly Rutherford describes his last channel swim, “On August 17th, he completed the Catalina Channel under some very difficult conditions. From the start, he was thrown a curve ball. Captain John Pittman on the Outrider called me to the wheel house for a meeting before we left the dock. The currents were going against the original planned swim and a change had to be made to insure a successful swim.

So as we left the dock, I informed Scott [that the swim would go from the mainland to Catalina, not the other way as planned]. John that the swim would be starting in 1 hour from the coast off Terranea Beach and he would land at Doctor’s Cove.

He took the change in plan with a smile and headed into the dark at just before 10 pm. Through grueling conditions, and hundreds of jellyfish stings [shown above], Scott kept his stroke in tact and pushed forward. Scott has trained in diverse conditions in the cold waters of the Soquel Cove. That training and his amazing determination made this swim possible as he battled the channel for 17 hours 43 minutes. Scott said at the end of the swim that the Channel gave him the toughest conditions he has had to swim in.

The Catalina Channel Swimming Federation expressed its admiration for his efforts. “CCSF applauds Scott Tapley of Aptos, CA who battled unrelenting 10 knot winds and rough seas as he swam “uphill” across the Catalina Channel from Terranea Beach to Doctor’s Cove. Scott completed his swim this afternoon in the unofficial time of 17:43.12. Congratulations, Scott, on completing your channel swim under such challenging conditions – great job.”

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