Sea And Salt On The Lips And Tongue

Sea And Salt On The Lips And Tongue


Chapped lips and small cuts to the lips, tongue and the inside of the mouth are common due to a variety of factors and injuries on land.

The soft flesh in and around the mouth make these body parts particularly vulnerable to swelling and discomfort, especially when you stay in salty sea water for extended periods of time.

Although medical advice recommends rinsing with salt water to clean cuts inside the mouth, the last thing that ocean swimmers want is to rinse their mouth in salt water after they have been immersed in the sea or ocean for long swims.

They prefer things like lanolin to protect the lips, ice cream to cool the area, ice cubes to suck, or iced drinks to savor.

Because there are so many blood vessels in the area, the lips and mouth can become sore quickly in the water, but they can also heal quickly when outside the water.

The photos above shows the lips of an unidentified swimmer before and after swimming for over an hour in the Caribbean Sea.

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