Sea Monkey Challenge Update

Sea Monkey Challenge Update

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

We had 5 ocean swims in the inaugural [Seal Beach] Sea Monkey Challenge during October,” said Sea Monkey Doug Garland. “The first question people ask us is always about the water temperature. The good news is that the ocean temperatures are still 5 to 7ºF warmer than normal.

For this month, the water temperature has been around 70ºF (21ºC). In the last 2 weeks, the air temperature has been more of a factor as the air temperature is in the mid-50ºF’s in the morning. I know it is a lot colder elsewhere in the world and it will get colder here too, but this was our first hint that summer is ending in Southern California.

Water conditions were great for 3 out of 5 swims. The water was perfectly calm. We were swimming on a glassy surface with views of the sunrise.

That was in contrast with the inaugural swim of the season. “Our first swim in October was rough in that you would turn to breathe and all you get is a mouth full of water. Today’s swim was a little more challenging in that the current was swirling so it felt like you were going against the current in both directions. There is a winter storm coming in this weekend so we were getting northwest swells which may have caused the currents.”

18 people have committed to swim at least once per month throughout the year in the Sea Monkey Challenge. This is the list to date:

* Doug Garland
* Katie Rowe
* Ronney Daschbach
* Sean Oatey
* Michael Kilpatrick
* Mark Fell
* Rick Gregory
* Gerry Parker
* Loren Wright
* Amy Ashton
* Mary Brain
* Hank Wise
* Peter Knapp
* Marissa Carrillo
* John Gurich
* Lyle Nalli
* Alex Merrill
* Page Hensley

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