Sea Monkeys Hang Around Seal Beach Pier

Sea Monkeys Hang Around Seal Beach Pier

Sea Monkeys Hang Around Seal Beach Pier

Courtesy of Sea Monkey Mistress Katie Rowe in Long Beach, California.

When the surf starting to pump up along the Southern California coast, Sea Monkey Mistress Katie Rowe sent out a characteristically cheerful and creative communication:

Hey swimmies!

So just in case you haven’t noticed, there’s a leeetle bit of surf right now. What does this mean for you? All the stingrays have been driven away or killed mercilessly!! We’re freeeee! Conveniently in Seal Beach, it has also taken all that pesky sand off the beach, which really makes things a lot neater. So it hasn’t been all bad!

This was Wednesday night. Notice the wave gently caressing the bottom of the pier. And the people above looking down.

​ So…tomorrow you ask. What is happening with the infamous Sea Monkey Thursday morning swim? Here is the plan: Show up at 5:20ish, per usual. Fight our way through the news vans, reporters, eyewitness news helicopters. Trudge through the pool formerly known as the “parking lot”. Get on all fours and scale the berm. Don’t panic – we will send a scout ahead so we only lose one of us rather than the entire team. IF and only IF it looks okay – read: dropped to under 10 feet surf – we will consider going out. We have to- it’s back up to 68°F. We may just consider a lap around the pier. And some bodysurfing. So bring bodysurfing fins. Not the kind of pool fins with the little heal cups. Unless you don’t want them anymore. In which case bring them.

This was tonight. Notice it breaking OVER the wall out by where we swim. This picture really doesn’t make it as scary as it really is.

Now perhaps you are saying to yourself, “Self, this is a GREAT day for me to finally rally and go swim Seal in the morning!” And let me help you with that one: no Self, it is not. UNLESS you are a REEEEALLLY strong ocean swimmer tomorrow is NOTNOTNOT for you. Of course you are welcome to come check it out, which I highly recommend for everyone! Go! Now!!!

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