Sea Sprints In The Open Water

Sea Sprints In The Open Water

After the USA Swimming National 5K Open Water Swimming Championships in Marine Stadium in Long Beach, California, a new fun-filled, drop-dead race will be held:

The Sea Sprints.

A drop-dead fast, all-out sprint to shore.

The athletes will start in the middle of Marine Stadium, against the feeding pontoons (partly shown in the photo above) and sprint a little over 75 meters to shore. The Sea Sprints will cater not necessarily to the middle-distance or long-distance freestyler, generally considred the typical open water swimmers, but to sprinters who use different energy systems to race.

Just like the 50-meter race in a pool is often the most exciting race at the Olympics with adrenaline flowing and tension in the air, the give-it-all-you-have Sea Sprints will end in exciting finishes and will culminate an adrenaline-filled weekend of traditional and new open water swimming races in Marine Stadium.

Note: depending on the available time, there may also be drop-dead butterfly Sea Sprints, drop-dead backstroke Sea Sprints and drop-dead breaststroke Sea Sprints where the finish is up on the shore.

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Steven Munatones