Seal Innovation Is Bringing The Aquatic Future Forward

Seal Innovation Is Bringing The Aquatic Future Forward

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Goggles without straps.

Telescopic goggles to see way-off in the distance.

A self-warming towel for after workouts.

A swim cap that does not slip because it adheres itself to hair.

A jellyfish warning detection system that straps on to goggles.

These are all futuristic products that would be cool to have in the open water swimming world. Some people not only see the future, but also make it happen more quickly than most people think possible.

SEAL Innovation is one of those innovators, populated by aquapreneurs extraordinaire. Seal Innovation makes a device that can help reduce drowning.

SEAL Innovation also supports the SEAL Innovation Team, a group of Olympians and world champions including Charlie Houchin, Alex Meyer, Chloe Sutton, and Ashley Twichell. Under the leadership of Coach John Payne, the SEAL Innovation Team is making waves from coast to coast with their success in competition and their mindset to help reduce drowning and improve performance through innovations.

Seal Innovation makes a drowning protection device for recreational swimmers,” explains Coach Payne. “But the next generation of the product will have GPS and body monitoring on its for performance athletes in the pool and open water.”

Combined with Meyer and Twichell, Coach Payne offers a massive amount of practical know-how for their product design parnters at Seal Innovation. “As a former competitive triathlete, I really enjoy open water swimming. It takes a special breed of athlete to compete in the open water. We are trying to introduce as many kids as possible to open water swimming. As you know, the kids get into the open water and come out with wide smiles on their faces.”

With these types of products and the open water swimming mindset that Coach Payne is bringing to the table with Seal Innovation, the future of real-time body monitoring in the pool and open water will come sooner than expected.

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Steven Munatones