The Secret of Success Of One Really Tough Old Man

The Secret of Success Of One Really Tough Old Man

Staying positive is a mindset. Staying healthy is a lifestyle. And few embody this mindset and lifestyle like British triathlete Arthur Gilbert.

Arthur is recognized as the world’s oldest living competitive triathlete at the age of 90. In his next triathlon in April 2012, he will be 91. Since 1989, he has raced in more than 40 sprint triathlons (500m swim + 12-mile bike + 3-mile run).

In words that can be appreciated by many open water swimmers, the former helicopter engineer discusses the difference between training and competing. “I have to work really hard at keeping fit. Being disciplined and and doing it even when you don’t feel like it is the key to success. The training is the hardest part. It’s almost a relief at the finishing line.”

Arthur entered his first triathlon at the age of 68 and has won the British duathlon title in his age group seven times. But his competitive juices are also balanced by his charity work for which he was awarded an MBE (the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire).

He explained to the Daily Mail his secrets of success. “[My] secret is staying stress-free, being happy, doing charity work and being positive. I also have a very balanced diet with lots of fruit for breakfast which helps tremendously – I love nuts and bananas. Some of it is down to giving blood. The old blood goes out, the new comes in to replace it and rejuvenates you. I’ve donated 45 pints of blood altogether since I was 51 and only stopped because I reached the age limit. People think it decreases your performance in life but it doesn’t.”

Arthur is living proof that a certain mindset and lifestyle are wonderful life-long aids to superior performance.

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