Secret Service Agents Of The Islands

Secret Service Agents Of The Islands

Who are those serious-looking guys on the radios at events like triathlons, surf contests and ocean swims in Hawaii?

Who can identify a distressed swimmer through binoculars with a sense of immediacy, professionalism and compassion?

Who work on some of the roughest and most difficult oceanfronts in the world 12 months a year with an impeccable record?

They are quiet professionals who blend into the background of ocean events, but who quickly spring into action when they are most needed in the toughest of circumstances.

They are the men and women of Aloha Surf Lifesaving, led by Kenny Rust, a 25-year veteran Honolulu City & County lifeguard of 25 years. After cutting his teeth on some pounding surf at Makapuu Beach and the North Shore of Oahu for 10 years, Rust focused on developing and implementing the latest techniques in water safety and water rescue with a number of government agencies.

Rust and his crews at Aloha Surf Lifesaving now provide a lifeguard services, ocean rescue training and event lifeguard services for surf events (North Shore Tow-in Surfing Championships, Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic, Women’s Pipeline Surfing Championships), paddle competitions, triathlons and ocean swims (including the Waikiki Roughwater Swim and the Junior Pan Pacific Swimming Championships).

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Steven Munatones