Seeing Is Not Always Believing

Seeing Is Not Always Believing

James Pittar is undoubtedly one of the bravest adventurers in the world.

There are blind mountaineers, disabled marathon runners and endurance athletes who have endured all kinds of injuries and setbacks of all kinds.

But the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame inductee from Sydney, endures in the ultimate of sensory deprivation. His exploits, documented in the book Swimming the Continents, include successful crossings of the English Channel, the Catalina Channel, the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, the Cook Strait, Rottnest Channel and the Strait of Gibraltar.

Swimming on behalf of the Fred Hollows Foundation and working for the Rainbow Club Foundation that teaches disabled kids how to swim, he has also completed marathon swims in Phuket, Thailand, Anzac Cove, Turkey, Vaal River in South Africa, Parana River in Argentina.

His swims are pure courage. Unadulterated fearlessness. His dreams are realized after putting in lots of hard work, arranging complicated logistics and enjoying the support of a great team…with whistles. James swims with his ears: one whistle to the left and two short whistles to the right.

He is being honored as an Australia Day ambassador by the Wombat Progress Association in New South Wales today where he will talk about his his life motto: seeing is not always believing.

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Steven Munatones