Seeing Red Among The Blues In The Open Water

Seeing Red Among The Blues In The Open Water

UK and SPAIN. David Jenkins was the winner of the British Heart Foundation’s Red for Heart Digital Photography Competition.

By abiding by the only rule – incorporating red – David beautifully shot a swimmer getting ready to swim in the Sandford Parks Lido in Cheltenham, UK.

In keeping with the British Heart Foundation’s theme, David captured the contrast between the solitary swimmer, representing the feelings of isolation people experience when battling personal health problems, with the icy blue water in the wintery scenery, representing life’s beauty.

Further south in Europe, the 2010 Photojournalist of the Year Emilio Morenatti captured Santa Claus diving into Mediterranean Sea as he started the 200-meter Copa Nadal de Natació (Christmas Cup) in Barcelona, Spain.

First established in 1908, it has been held 102 times and has been cancelled only three times (in 1936-1938) because of the Spanish Civil War. But the tradition carries on under the organization of the Club Natació Barcelona

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