Self-Serve Station At USMS Championships In Las Vegas

Self-Serve Station At USMS Championships In Las Vegas

The 10 km U.S. Masters Swimming National Championships will be held in Lake Mead, near Las Vegas Nevada this morning. The expected conditions are forecasted to be nearly perfect – with calm and comfortable water.

It will have an unusual feeding pontoon where the swimmers will swim AROUND the feeding station that is set up in shallow water; a self-serve hydration station.

The station will be set in thigh-deep water. As the swimmers complete each of the 4 loops of the T-shaped course, they swim towards shore, grab their bottles, gels or feed, and then stand up to consume it. Their race number is confirmed by the officials, then they complete the turn, and head back out.

Race director Kara Miller explains, “They don’t exit the water. We’ll also have tables set up in case swimmers don’t want to use the station.”

With swimmers like Eney Jones (shown above), Kevin Scott, Kurt Dickson, Gordon Gridley, Scott Lautman, Emily von Jentzen, Bill May, 70-year-old Dan Willert, and the ubiquitous Bill Ireland, it should be a great race with 64 swimmers entered.

For a full list of competitors, click here.

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