Shane Dorian Innovates With Billabong And Mustang

Shane Dorian Innovates With Billabong And Mustang

Surfing shares the inherent risks of open water swimming.

With injury and possible death a possibility, especially at the extreme niche of big-wave surfing, the surfing industry and entrepreneurs to continue to develop safety standards and equipment.

In the video below, famed big-wave surfer Shane Dorian describes how the idea for the Billabong V1 wetsuit was developed. Billabong‘s Hub Hubbard tells how an idea came to fruition rather quickly while working together with Mustang Survival Corporation.

Mustang Survival designs maritime survival equipment and created a life-saving wetsuit with an air bladder activated by a shoulder-mounted ripcord. The new wetsuit, available only to big-wave surfers, and called a game-changer.

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Steven Munatones