Shannon House Keegan Asks About Marathon Swimming

Courtesy of Shannon House Keegan, Talent, Oregon.

Marathon swimmer and open water swimming coach Shannon House Keegan is looking for swimmers who have always been intrigued and inspired by marathon swimming to take her survey here.

You love the idea of walking up on the beach after completing a (really) long swim, but you think you’re too busy with a demanding job or with your kids and family to fit in enough training. You love swimming but you can only commit to swimming a 2-3 days a week. You day dream about swimming in beautiful places and seeing amazing things from the perspective of the water. If this sounds like you, I would be so grateful if you would take the survey [see questions below]:

* When it comes to training for marathon swimming, what is your #1 biggest struggle or frustration?
* Have you ever hired a coach to work with you and develop a training plan that fits your life?
* What is it about marathon swimming that has intrigued you/made you want to go the distance?
* What would be the ideal training plan for you?
* How would you feel if you completed a marathon swim?
* What is the number 1 question that you have about training for marathon swimming?

Survey is posted here.

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