Shannon Keegan Talks With SCAR Swimmers

Shannon Keegan Talks With SCAR Swimmers

Shannon House Keegan of Intrepid Water in Oregon has interviewed several of the 2022 SCAR Swim athletes over the years of her podcast. The interviewees include:

  1. James Savage (listen and see here)
  2. Stefan Reinke (listen and see here)
  3. Martyn Webster (listen and see here)
  4. Tracy Knight (listen and see here)
  5. Elaine Howley (listen and see here and here)
  6. Steven Munatones (listen and see here)
  7. Bill Shipp (listen and see here)
  8. Blaik Ogle (see here)
  9. Courtney Moates Paulk (see here)
  10. Martha Wood (see here)
  11. Molly Nance (see here and shown above)
  12. Mark Spratt (see here)
  13. Sarah Thomas (see former winner and escort kayaker this year here).

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Steven Munatones