Sharing the Love With Madswimmers

Courtesy of Madswimmer, South Africa.

Madswimmer explained what they did in 2016, a year “full of exciting swims, mad challenges and some great opportunities for us all to assist the very worthy charities we have selected.

As you may know, we ended last year with an amazing R1,500,000 raised for our charities – this year, our intention is to raise that number to R2,000,000 – something we know, with your support and our commitment, we’ll definitely be able to achieve.

Other than the incredible swims that our Mad team do, we also have some serious public speakers in our midst. One of our Dead Sea swimmers – Kiki Marx – was invited to speak at the Meetings Africa Exhibitions in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg last month and has another six engagements this month, all in conjunction with South Africa Tourism. The exposure these talks give us is amazing and we are so grateful for the time and effort all our swimmers put into this cause

Planned Charity Swims in 2017

* Balearic Island Swim (August 31st – September 3rd), a 100 km, 4-day challenge in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. To enter, contact

* The Bazaruto Archipelago Challenge (October 28th), a 30 km swim, covering the length of Bazaruto Island in Mozambique. To enter, contact

* The Orange River Dash (November 25th), a sunrise-to-sunset swim in the Orange River. To enter, contact

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