Shark Don't Scare Me By Luke Tipple

Shark Don’t Scare Me By Luke Tipple

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Luke Tipple is launching his first children’s book series. “I’ve spent most of my life traveling and working on the ocean as a scientist and television presenter. Sharks have always been a huge part of my career as has promoting education and science to children so the first book, ‘Shark Don’t Scare Me‘, seemed an appropriate place to launch my series.”

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The ‘Aquatic Aussie‘ is an adventurous character that will introduce children to his amazing world while making friends along the way. Beautifully illustrated, the series is written for children of all ages and promotes a healthy fascination for the ocean, its animals and the scientists that commit their lives to the pursuit of knowledge and conservation.”

Amazon describes Shark Don’t Scare Me as “a whimsical illustrated children’s book for all ages. Its rhyming vocabulary, colorful illustrations and play along nature ensures a fun reading experience for both parent and child. The story follows Luke, the Aquatic Aussie, as he meets his new friends on the beach and together they set out on an underwater adventure. Luke answers questions the curious children have about the ocean, its animals and science while at the same time encouraging them towards an adventurous spirit and doing well at school.”

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