Shaving Down In The Open Water Swimming World - Part 1

Shaving Down In The Open Water Swimming World – Part 1

DOVER, England. Petar Stoychev, the only person to swim under 7 hours in the English Channel, knows the value of preparing himself in every aspect of the sport. He trains, he eats, he travels and he races like the 11-time professional marathon swimming champion he is.

And he shaves down.

While shaving down is not for everyone or even for most open water swimmers, for Petar it works.

I shave down – full body – for every big race. It’s very good and helpful. You feel much faster in the water. It’s easier to put on sunscreen protection, your numbering, Vaseline and so.

Your body hair doesn’t keep your warm in the water. I also shaved for my English Channel record. I believe shaving is necessary for competitive open water swimming

While shaving is not for everyone, one of the greatest professional marathon swimmers in the world tells us how little things work for him.

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Photo by Michael Oram shows Petar Stoychev after his world record in the English Channel.

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