She Swims.  She Smiles.  She Runs.  She Inspires.

She Swims. She Smiles. She Runs. She Inspires.

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Alison ‘Sunshine’ Chavez hit a roadblock. The currents were not only going against her, but the waves figuratively slammed her down against the ocean floor.

But the setback – breast cancer – only made her stronger.

Her uplifting story – still to be finished – is here. Facebook created a video of her struggle and the healing power of her friends here.

“…I was winding things down at work on a Friday night when I felt a stinging sensation near my armpit on my left breast. I thought it might be a bug bite – probably from a recent trail run – and I poked around a bit and felt a lump…read more in the Huffington Post here.

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