Shipp To Shore...Twice

Shipp To Shore…Twice

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

On May 31st, Bill Shipp completed what may be the first documented solo double crossing of the Chesapeake Bay as part of his training for an upcoming solo attempt of the English Channel in September.

Shipp, who has done a number of marathon swims along the East Coast, left Sandy Point Beach at 8:30 am and swam first leg to Hemmingway’s Beach in 2 hours 23 minutes. The conditions were nearly ideal as he cruised along in relatively calm water. But the situation flip-flopped on the return leg.

On the way back, Shipp fought a strong southerly current. There was no let-up even as he picked up the pace.

The distance of the double crossing was 8.8 miles which took Shipp 5 hours 3 minutes.

It was a credit to my support crew, Alison Meehan and Captain Eliot Powell for the successful swim.”

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Steven Munatones