Shout-out For Shark Shield

Shout-out For Shark Shield

The Oceans Seven presents all kinds of obstacles to overcome: distances, tides, currents, waves, wind, sunburn, jellyfish, language barriers, logistical considerations, costs, extreme water temperatures, night swimming and marine life.

Stephen Redmond is in Molokai and will soon begin his 6th of the 7 Oceans Seven channels: the 42K (26 mile) Molokai Channel.

But he wants to avoid the fate of Greta Andersen.

Greta was on the top of her game in the late 1950s, but when she attempted to swim between the island of Molokai and Oahu, she had to pulled from the water when too many sharks were circling her and got way too close for comfort. Stephen and his support team are looking for two Freedom 7 Shark Shield kits for his upcoming swim in Hawaii.

Any help in obtaining these safety devices for Stephen is greatly appreciated. For more information, contact Michael Butler here.

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Steven Munatones