Sian Richardson's Bluetits Chill Swimmers Story on 'Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me This?' Podcast

Sian Richardson’s Bluetits Chill Swimmers Story on ‘Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me This?’ Podcast

Joyce Harper, Professor of Reproductive Science at the Institute for Women’s Health at University College London recently interviewed Sian Richardson, the founder of The Bluetits Chill Swimmers on her podcast, “Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me This?“. Sian shares her infectious energy and insights on starting a global swimming community that defies the norms. Originating from her own battle with depression and finding solace in cold water swimming, she created a space where everyone fits, regardless of their swimming ability or body confidence. The Bluetits started with just a handful of members braving the Pembrokeshire waters and has since swelled to over 100,000 worldwide.

Sian Richardson

Sian’s ethos is all about inclusion—whether you’re swimming, drumming on the beach, or just there for the laughs, there’s a place for you. She dismantles the idea of “fitting in,” advocating for a life where everyone embraces their quirks and enjoys the simplicity of being part of a community.

Her happiest moments aren’t just in the water but in the connections formed on the shores, with stories of transformation and human spirit. For Sian, the Bluetits isn’t just about swimming; it’s a catalyst for people to live fully, to find something that ignites a spark in them, and to realize that the perfect time to start something new is whenever you decide to take the plunge.


Leaving the city’s hustle behind, Sian returned to her ancestral home in Pencarnan, weaving the fabric of her family’s century-old connection to the place into the Bluetits’ ethos of belonging.

The Name’s Cool Origin: ‘The Bluetits’ was born out of a humorous observation by Sian’s husband, referring to the shivering aftermath of cold swims. It encapsulated the lighthearted spirit that would define the group.

Inclusivity : The group’s DNA is crafted around inclusivity, welcoming people of all genders, ages, and walks of life, a true reflection of Sian’s own inclusive journey from endurance sports to community building.

A Refuge for Well-being: Mental and physical health anchors the community, offering a sanctuary for those battling loneliness, seeking support, or just a splash of joy.

Celebrating Every Body: Body confidence isn’t just a buzzword here; it’s a practice. Members, seeing themselves in others, learn to swim in self-acceptance and positivity.

Generational Tapestry: The community doesn’t just swim together; it shares life lessons across generational lines, each person a thread in a vibrant tapestry of shared wisdom and support.

Diving into Support, Not Just Water: Non-swimmers find as much a home here as the avid swimmers, underscoring that at its heart, The Bluetits is about connection, not just the water.

Shifting Tides in Culture: Sian notes a societal shift toward diverse body representation and proudly sees the Bluetits as part of the vanguard leading this change.

Life’s Celebration: Above all, The Bluetits is a call to live fully, to embrace health and community with open arms, and to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, together.


Sian Richardson:
The Bluetits Chill Swimmers

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