Sian Williams Takes Two At Big Chill Swim Salford

Sian Williams Takes Two At Big Chill Swim Salford

Sian Williams was working doubly hard at the inaugural Big Chill Swim Salford on a chilly morning in the heart of the Salford Quays, England this weekend.

Showcasing over 170 ice swimmers in a pool purposefully set amidst the bustling Quays, the event hosted by Colin Hill was the highlight of the city council’s weekend events…and showcased Williams’ sprinting talents and cold-water stamina.

Eye-opening and mind-boggling to hordes of early Christmas shoppers, the swimmers were instructed by the announcer to ‘take off their clothes and get in the water’ as they approached the start at dock 9 throughout the day. Williams won both the 24m breaststroke sprint and the 456m endurance race.

The Chillswim event was held in accordance with the International Winter Swimming Association rules and was held in an outdoor 4-lane 24m section. The water temperature on Saturday was just under 7ºC (44.6ºF) for swimmers who ranged from 19 to over 60.

456m Endurance Swim Results
1. Sian Williams 8:05.47
2. Sam Plum 8:42.27
3. Amanda Bell 8:48.36
4. Louise Hadcoft 8:48.45
5. Kathryn Ayre 10:06.34
6. Helen Brindle 11:52.54
7. Dianne Parrish 14:44.10

24m Breaststroke Female Top 3 Results
1. Sian Lambert 27.13
2. Linda Hull 28.14
3. Lucie Skates 28.06

48m Freestyle Female Top 3 Results
1. Helen Hanks 35.58
2. Kerry Oldfield 36.40
3. Natasha Walsh 37.32

For more information, visit here or Chillswim. The results of the men’s races are here.

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