The Sicilian Summer In The Open Water

The Sicilian Summer In The Open Water

Nino Fazio provided a complete list of the open water swims scheduled for this summer in Sicily:

On July 3rd in Acicastello in Catania, the course for the 5.5K Trofeo Riviera dei Ciclopi no longer goes around the “Ciclopi” (Cyclops), the small volcanic islands near Acicastello, but will truly tax your navigational skills. Organized by two-time Olympian Mauro Prosperi (, it is a race built around and for the athlete, but without no frills: just good ol’ plain competition and an open water challenge.

On July 4th in Avola near Siracusa, there is a middle-distance race.

On August 1st in Plemmirio, there is the 5.5K Una Bracciata sul Plemmirio. Held in a gorgeous seaside community, the course is held within a marine reserve and consists of two loops in very calm and clear waters. Information is available via

On August 22nd in Messina, the XII Trofeo Baia di Grotta is a 5.2K race in the Straits of Messina. With the course along the Sicilian shores of the Straits, it can be a difficult race with strong currents that swimmers must navigate. As Nino recommends, “Being a strong swimmer is not enough to be successful, you have to feel” the stream by looking at the boats and the seaweed on the bottom.” In addition to the Baia di Grotta trophy, there is the Coppa Nino Musciumarra, named for the open water swimming pioneer in Messina (shown on left), which is a special prize for the first woman on the finish line.

On August 28th in Augusta, there is a relatively easy 5K two-loop course that goes along the coast.

On September 4th in Trofeo Nadir, Palermo, there is a 5K race organized by Giuseppe Morici who can be reached via email at

On September 5th in Sant’Elia, near Palermo, there is another well-organized and pleasant 5K race organized by Waterpolo Palermo. For more information, email or Marco Pomar at

From September 7th to 11th in Favignana Island near Trapani (see photo of beautiful waters on left), there is a series of 3K, 4K, 6K and 10K races in a multi-day event organized by Polisportiva Nadir.

On September 18th in Palermo, there is one last 5K swim to end the summer season.

Sounds like a very full schedule in some great waters around Sicily.

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