Sid Cassidy Volunteers For Decades In The Open Water

Sid Cassidy Volunteers For Decades In The Open Water

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Since 1996 with only one brief 2-year gap, Sid Cassidy has long served on FINA’s Technical Open Water Swimming Committee (TOWSC).

The former American professional marathon swimmer in the 1970’s has served in a number of roles from Chairman to member after following in the footsteps of pioneer Dale Petranech. For the 2017-2021 term, Cassidy will serve as the TOWSC Vice Chairman along with 19 other members.

Other long-serving members include Ronnie Wong, Samuel Greetham, Jorge Delgado, Andrea Prayer, John West, Noam Zwi and Dennis Miller. Newcomers include Avelino Gomes Monteiro of Senegal, Samuel Ufitimana Kinimba of Rwanda, Morgan Toro of Puerto Rico, and Soh Yen Siang of Malaysia.

FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee Members:
* Ronnie Man Chiu Wong, Chairman (Hong Kong)
* Sid Cassidy, Vice Chairman (USA)
* Samuel Greetham, Honorary Secretary (UK)
* Britta Kamrau-Fiedler, Athletes Representative (Germany)
* Abdul Monem Al Alawi, Member (Oman)
* Luis Baptista, Member (Portugal)
* Jorge Aurelio Delgado Panacha, Member (Ecuador)
* William Ford, Member (Australia)
* Avelino Gomes Monteiro, Member (Senegal)
* Abdulla Mubarak Al Zahmi, Member (United Arab Emirates)
* Jean-Paul Narce, Member (France)
* Andrea Prayer Galletti, Member (Italy)
* Fernando Terrilli, Member (Argentina)
* Samuel Ufitimana Kinimba (Rwanda)
* John Graeme West, Member (New Zealand)
* Morgan Toro, Events Sub-Committee (Puerto Rico)
* Soh Yen Siang, Events Sub-Committee (Malaysia)
* Noam Zwi, Events Sub-Committee (Israel)
* Dennis Miller, FINA Bureau Liaison (Fiji)

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