Sights And Sounds Of The Rei e Rainha do Mar

Sights And Sounds Of The Rei e Rainha do Mar

Courtesy of WOWSA, Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

With over 3,500 athletes participating in the sixth annual Rei e Rainha do Mar event (King and Queen of the Sea) on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, there were plenty of interesting sights and sounds.

From the over 200 people who braved the 16-18°C water in Copacabana Beach in the 10 km Super Challenge to the 850 swimmers who entered the 2.5 km Classic race, the event proved once again why it is one of the World’s Top 100 Open Water Swims.

Giant turn buoys dotted the 1 km Sprint, 2.5 km Classic, 5 km Challenge and 10 km Super Challenge courses.

Guillermo Bértola at the finish line of the Rei e Rainha do Mar where 6 wireless receivers positioned around the finish line record the official times of the finishers.

Disabled athletes receiving their awards.

Women and girls go to the left towards the Rainha (Queen) sign; men and boys head to the right towards the Rei (King) sign near the start of the races.

Mascots dance to the music throughout the day.

Top 3 Female 5 km Challenge Results:
1. Ana Luiza das Neves Mourao 1:13:21
2. Raquel Lury Goto 1:20:00
3. Lygia Dinis C R Pereira 1:22:00

Top 3 Male 5 km Challenge Results:
1. Carlos Eduardo de Aguiar 1:07:06
2. Carlos Henrique de Oliveira Rosa 1:07:20
3. Daniel Costa Cunha 1:10:34

Top 3 Female 1 km Sprint Results:
1. Priscilla Lira Klaes 26:18
2. Pamela Barbosa Engel 26:23
3. Gabriela da Silva Alves 26:38

Top 3 Male 1 km Sprint Results:
1. Daniel Costa Cunha 13:42
2. Guilherme Augusto C de Araujo Aquino 14:06
3. Armando Lopes Junior 14:08

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