Sign The COP26 Sports Community Manifesto

Sign The COP26 Sports Community Manifesto

Lewis Blaustein of EcoAthletes announced, “The COP 26 Sports Community Manifesto has garnered almost 300 signatories to date. We want to maximize the volume of the Sports Community at COP 26 in Glasgow by maximizing the number of signatories.  Our goal is to get 500 athletes and sports industry leaders to endorse the COP 26 Sports Community Manifesto.

There is still one week to go until the Manifesto is presented at Sport@COP in Glasgow next Monday. Which means we still have time to get 500 athletes and sports industry leaders to endorse the Manifesto. The greater the number of signatories, the louder the voice of the sports community at COP and the greater the media coverage of the “Athletes As Climate Leaders story”.

For every open water swimmer who has swum into plastic debris in the ocean or been prevented from swimming due to oil spills or dead fish piling up on the shoreline, their first-hand experience should motivate them to raise their voices and sign,” said Steven Munatones.

Blaustein asks, “Help us achieve our 500 signature goal by Monday morning. To do so, all you have to do is to take these simple steps:

1. Endorse the manifesto.

2. Post on social media using the template above, tag @ecoathletesteam, and use the #ClimateComeback hashtag so that we can easily reshare.

Leveraging the collective voice of the sports community behind the need to catalyze real action at the global climate conference that starts on November 1st is crucial to garnering increased media coverage. That coverage will exponentially grow the sports community’s climate impact.”

Open water swimmers know that Lewis Pugh OIG will directly address the delegates and participants of the COP 26 in Glasgow after the success of his unprecedented stage swim in Greenland that highlighted a melting Planet Earth. The UN Patron of the Oceans swam a total of 7.8 km in a multi-stage ice swim in Ilulissat Icefjord that lies within the Arctic Circle. He swam every day in water temperatures between 0°C and 3°C (32°F – 37.4°F) during the 14 stages over 12 days. For more information about his Greenland swim, visit here.

By signing this digitally manifesto, swimmers can become a signatory to the COP26 Sports Community Manifesto. Open water swimmers who are EcoAthletes ambassadors include Merle Liivand and Elizabeth Beisel.

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The Manifesto starts with, “Anthropogenic climate change is the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced.”

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