Silvia Dalotto-Marcó On The Historia de la Academia Olímpica Argentina

Silvia Dalotto-Marcó On The Historia de la Academia Olímpica Argentina

Silvia Dalotto-Marcó On The Historia de la Academia Olímpica Argentina

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International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honor Swimmer Silvia Beatríz Dalotto-Marcó competed in 50 races on the professional marathon swimming circuit for 7 years and is currently serving as the Director de Proyectos at Comité Olímpico Argentino.

Dalotto-Marcó recently wrote the book, Historia de la Academia Olímpica Argentina, Una experiencia inolvidable (History of the Argentine Olympic Academy, An unforgettable experience) that was released in July 2020.

The 49-year-old’s publication is a tribute to individuals who contributed to the creation of the Argentine Olympic Academy (AOA), and a legacy to preserve the history of their experience for future generations.

Dalotto said, “The Covid-19 pandemic took away many possibilities, many encounters, many hugs, but it also gave us others. In my case, it gave me time, and this project rises from this time.

I have been part of the Argentine Olympic Academy for 25 years (out of the 38 years of its existence). I was a student, then (subsequently) a lecturer, coordinator, secretary and director. Throughout these 25 years, the memory of the students who passed through the Olympic Academy, was an unforgettable experience. It was a historical event that marked a before and an after in my life. In the lives of many people, it has been an unforgettable experience that is why the title does not say my unforgettable experience, but rather refers to those who fought for years to establish it and for those continuing to build it even more. It is good in the life of institutions to be able to refer to a document where we can find out what was done because that way we can know what needs to be done in the future.

The book has 168 pages divided into 9 chapters. There are testimonies that adds the experiences, the visions, the experiences of some people who have been, from different places, part of the Argentine Olympic Academy.

Everything that is in the book has a documentary or testimonial that supports it. For this, I read the Memories of the Argentine Olympic Committee from 1954 to the present; the minutes of the Board of Directors of several years when I needed the precise date of some information; all the Reports of the International Olympic Academy since 1961, both from the youth session, directors and postgraduate seminars; and official documentation that I needed to check the information that you are going to see reflected in the book.

It is written in memory of Juan Carlos Uriburu, an exceptional man, recognized for his chivalry, for his intelligence, for his refined sense of humor in Argentina and in the world. He was my great mentor and was the president of the Argentine Olympic Academy when I was a student in 1995. Then I had the honor of assisting him as secretary. He taught me a lot and when he was absent, I was the director with the support of great presidents who succeeded them.

The book is digital because it did not seem correct to me, being the director of the Argentine Olympic Academy to write a book about its history and then sell it. It is to give back to the Academy a bit to what it gave me so much, a recognition to those who taught me, and also a legacy for the future. It will be able to be downloaded for free.

The book is added to the World Olympic Library, the library of the International Olympic Committee. From the academic point of view, it is the most important thing one can aspire to. I didn’t ask for it, they recognized it

Ned Denison of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame interviewed Dalotto in an August edition of WOWSA Live:

The book is downloadable for free at For more information, visit her Facebook page here and Instagram @silviadalotto.

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