Simon Ercoli And Cecilia Biagioli Take Rosario 15K

Simon Ercoli And Cecilia Biagioli Take Rosario 15K

Simon Ercoli of Italy and Cecilia Biagioli of Argentina won the first race in the professional marathon swimming circuit in Rosario, Argentina over the weekend.

Simon finished just ahead in 1:55:04.3 over Alexander Studzinski of Germany in in 1:55:04.6 in the 15K race in 24°C river water (see below). Frenchman Bertrand Venturi was third in 1:55:34.

Cecilia Biagioli made her countrymen proud by winning the women’s race in 2:01:46 over teammate Antonella Bogarin in 2:01:59 and Esther Nunez Morera of Spain in 2:02:13 (shown above).

The athletes move next week to Santa Fe, Argentina where they face a 57K journey down a river and a 88K event the following week in Hernandarias to Parana.

Many more photos of the down-to-the-wire race between Simon and Alexander and pre- and post-race festivities are here.

Men’s Results
Simone Ercoli, Italy, 1:55:04:30.10
Alexander Studzinski, Germany, 1;55:04:60.30
Bertrand Venturi, France, 1:55:34.60
Rodolfo Valenti, Italy, 1:55:36.5
Sebastien Fraysse, France, 1:55:39.11
Andrea Volpini, Italy, 1:55:42,8
Guillermo Bertola, Argentina, 1:55:48,15
Julien Codevelle, France, 1:56:10.14
Damián Blaum, Argentina, 1:57:48.20
Rok Kerin, Slovenia, 1:58:03.13
Petar Stoychev, Bulgaria, 1:59:04.10
Gabriel Villagoiz, Argentina, 202:40.7
Mattia Alberico, Italy, 2:02:19.17
Edoardo Stochino, Italy, 2:02:59.16
Evgenij Pop Acev, Macedonia, 2:06:01.12
Emanuel Corsiglia, Argentina, 2:09:23.18
Fernando Zabala, Argentina, 2:09:34.20
Michael Mruzek, Czech Republic, 2:14:01.09
Emanuel Olmedo, Argentina, 2:18:12.19
Rostislav Vitek, Czech Republic, DNF

Women’s Results
Cecilia Biagioli, Argentina, 2:01:46.23
Antonella Bogarín, Argentina, 2:01:59.31
Esther Nuñez Morera, Spain, 2:02:13.24
Ophelie Asport, France, 2:05:59.38
Celia Barrot, France, 2:06:02.37
Shelley Clark, Australia, 2:06:27.26
Camilla Frediani, Italy, 2:06:31.21
Pilar Geijo, Argentina, 2:06:38.22
Mascha Traxel, Germany, 2:16:10.25
Noelia Petti, Argentina, 2:16:33.33
Mirna Vago, Argentina, 2:21:07.28
Shereen Mansour Egypt, 2:22:30.30
Rita Vanesa García, Argentina, 2:26:00.34
Tania Sapcznik Sanchez, Paraguay, 2:31:06.35
Aldana Martínez Argentina, 2:36:41.36
Laura La Piana, Italy, DNF
Mariana Mello, Brazil, DNF
Marianella Mendoza, Argentina, DNF

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