Simon Griffiths' Retweet Sadly Rings True Worldwide

Simon Griffiths’ Retweet Sadly Rings True Worldwide

Simon Griffiths, the publisher of Outdoor Swimmer Magazine and a nominee for the 2021 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year Award, retweeted (@SimonDGriffiths) this morning that “a random cyclist stopped this morning to tell us they were discharging raw sewage into the river so we shouldn’t swim, but shouldn’t it be the other way around? Stop putting untreated sewage in rivers so we can swim without worrying about it [see photo above from Teddington Lock on the River Thames].”

Just hours earlier on the opposite side of the world, I encountered this mess in the shallows [see below] as I headed out to swim in Huntington Beach (whose moniker is Surf City USA) in Southern California. It was a dirty, unnatural foam that had coagulated in the surf zone. Mother Earth does not appear to be happy…it looked like ocean vomit to me…so I did not swim today,” said Steven Munatones.

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Steven Munatones