Simon Griffiths Takes H2Open On The Road To Spain

Simon Griffiths Takes H2Open On The Road To Spain

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

There are only so many pages in the H2Open Magazine and the ultimate decision-maker of what gets into each issues is Simon Griffiths, the chief editor and visionary behind the world’s first open water swimming magazine.

So when he decided to swim in the 12 km race at the Cala Montgó Swim Festival, race director Aida Molina was more than happy.

Swim the Costa Brava team has enormous pleasure in working with Simon Griffiths on several occasions, including the London Tourism Fair, the 2013 Global Open Water Swimming Conference in Cork, and the Tuna Race in Catalonia. Speaking with Simon is and always has been a very rewarding and enriching experience.

Not only because he has a lot to say as a publicist and a writer, but also because he has a lot to transmit as a lifelong traveler and culture lover

Molina is expecting many from around Europe to participate in the Cala Montgó Swim Festival in Spain. They will swim in either the 100m children’s swim, the 1.5 km swim, the 3 km swim, the 6 km swim, or the 12 km marathon swim (Cala Montgó marathon swim) while enjoying a concert and swim camps.

The Cala Montgó Swim Festival is part of the Zoot Swim Series Circuit, a three-race open water swimming series organized by Culture Sport and sponsored by the Tourist Board of the Costa Brava Pyrenees Girona, Zoot, Bunch and Multipower.

For more information, visit Swim The Costa Brava.

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