Simon Holliday On An Adventure From Hong Kong To Macau

Simon Holliday On An Adventure From Hong Kong To Macau

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Simon Holliday is a British adventurer living in Hong Kong.

Besides his English Channel in 2011 of 15 hours 2 minutes, he volunteered to be the pace swimmer, decoy, bodyguard, and escort for Dan Martin on his planned stage swim leg across the Atlantic Ocean on the Global Triathlon.

Next up on Holliday’s adventure agenda is a charity swim on behalf of the Ocean Recovery Alliance. Holliday will attempt an unprecedented 30-40 km crossing from the western shores of Hong Kong to neighboring Macau on its eastern borders. The May 24th crossing will help raise awareness for the Grate Art project in Hong Kong.

It is an extraordinarily tricky crossing with boats and ferries all over the place in a turgid, turbulent body of water where the Pearl River‘s estuary, Bocca Tigris forms a large bay that separates Macau from Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China.

Grate Art is about street art bringing a message to the community about not dumping in Hong Kong’s city street-drains, because those actions impact the local waters,” explains Doug Woodring of Ocean Recovery Alliance. “Simon is helping bring awareness to this project where 8 commissioned artists create ceramic plates to be located on street drains in Hong Kong – a city whose main geographic asset is the ocean. The project will help to develop local art/design, while also adding some interesting color to the streets of Hong Kong with an important message of protecting the ocean.”

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