Simon Tobin And Heidi George Win Pro Race In Mégantic

Simon Tobin And Heidi George Win Pro Race In Mégantic

Simon Tobin of Canada and Heidi George of the USA won their first professional marathon swims today at the 4th Traversée internationale du Mégantic in lac Mégantic, Quebec, Canada.

Simon won in a course record 2 hours and 9 minutes before a crowd of over 1,000 fans at the finish.

This is my third participation at the Lac-Mégantic event. For the first time I can say I’m satisfied with my race. I am currently contemplating my future in swimming. If my career ends this way, I can certainly say it was a happy ending,” said Simon who was C$4,000 richer for his efforts.

Xavier Desharnais, a near local from Sherbrooke, Quebec outsprinted American Barton Wells for second finishing in 2:11:58 over Barton’s 2:11:59.

Heidi won comfortably in 2:14:55 over Canada’s Joanie Guillemette-Simard in 2:18:03 with Noelia Petti of Argentina third in 2:25:09.

I knew Heidi was going to be strong and that was the case,” said the Joanie who was recently hit a moose while driving in Quebec. “I knew second spot was for me. I am very happy with my race and now it’s time to take a break from training.”

Women’s results:
1. Heidi George (USA), 2:14.55
2. Joanie Guillemette-Simard (CAN), 2:18.03
3. Noelia Petti (ARG), 2:25.09
4. Rita Vanessa Garcia (ARG), 2:35.31
5. Katherine Renaud-Miron (CAN), 2:37.20
6. Kathryn Gagnon (CAN) 3:21.34
DNF: Suzanne Joyale Canada

Men’s results:
1. Simon Tobin (CAN),2:09.49
2. Xavier Desharnais (CAN), 2:11.58
3. Barton Wells (USA), 2:11.59
4. Hassen Ghali (EGY), 2:19.32
5. Ahmed Hisham Fathi (EGY), 2:20.35
6. Paul Blais-Morisset (CAN), 2:25.08
7. Maxime Simoneau (CAN), 2:49.08
8. Christopher Bojanowsky (CAN), 3:19.11
9. Éric Paquet (CAN), 3:21.23
Miguel Chouinard (CAN), 3:57.03

In addition, a 1K pro race was held before the 10K with the following results where the winners won C$1,000:

1. Heidi George (USA), 14:26.36
2. Joanie Guillemette-Simard (CAN), 15:24.01
3. Noelia Petti (ARG), 15:26.16
4. Rita Vanessa Garcia (ARG), 16:13.35
5. Katherine Renaud-Miron (CAN), 16:27.46
6. Alex Lachance-Fortin (CAN), 17:37.90
7. Camille Vachon (CAN), 17:57.33
8. Mélanie Paré (CAN), 20:54.26
9. Kathryn Gagnon (CAN), 20:58.62
10. Nancy Tessier (CAN), 21:14.13
Suzanne Joyale Canada DSQ

1. Xavier Desharnais (CAN), 14:10.49
2. Simon Tobin (CAN), 14:14.75
3. Barton Wells (USA), 14:16.52
4. Ahmed Hisham Fathi (EGY), 14:31.53
5. Paul Blais-Morisset (CAN), 15:40.73
6. Maxime Simoneau (CAN), 17:18.18
7. Christopher Bojanowsky (CAN), 19:05.85
8. Éric Paquet (CAN), 19:09.77
9. Miguel Chouinard (CAN), 24:25.14
10. Yann Marcotte (CAN), 29:15.51
11. Jacques Amyot (CAN) 38:52.72

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